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Information Management & Compliance

Information Management & Compliance

The Information Management & Compliance team delivers data governance and compliance services that cover all relevant aspects of data protection.

Delivering data governance and compliance services.

Companies are increasingly becoming aware of one of their most valuable assets – information – and the need to protect it appropriately. As the protection of information, especially of personal data, has come into sharper global focus, companies must ensure that they comply with the new or amended regulatory requirements (e.g. GDPR or E-DSG) in order to avoid massive financial and reputational damages.

KPMG helps companies properly manage and protect their information by offering different services ranging from data privacy, digital governance, third-party governance/cloud compliance, records management and archiving to data agent services. Our experts in data privacy, legal & compliance, IT security, risk management and audit cover all relevant aspects – from legal support to the implementation of governance and technical measures.

KPMG's expertise

Data Privacy: KPMG helps companies ensure that they are compliant with the relevant data protection regulations – all over the world. We assess the compliance level and support you in implementing the necessary compliance framework. Read more

Digital Governance: To enable an organization to make the best use of its information assets, the relevant data must be identified and managed efficiently. KPMG enables organizations to increase the quality and security of their information while complying with legal and regulatory requirements. Read more

Data Agent and Information Retention Service: KPMG helps companies going through a merger, an acquisition or a wind-down to meet regulatory requirements in terms of archiving and managing affected data. Read more

Third-Party Governance/Cloud Compliance: Regulators are holding organizations responsible not only for their own actions, but also for those of their vendors and suppliers. KPMG’s Third-Party Governance is aimed at the overall identification and mitigation of risks that exist relating to third-party relationships, such as clouds. Read more

Records Management and Archiving: Many institutions struggle with the amount of data in their information systems or silos. KPMG helps organizations to set up the appropriate records management and archiving while complying with the relevant regulatory requirements. Read more

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