Companies need to respond quickly to any suspicion of white-collar crime. KPMG makes it possible to coordinate worldwide investigations.

KPMG makes it possible to coordinate investigations on suspicion of white-collar crime.

Every year companies around the world lose billions of dollars as a result of white-collar crimes, such as fraud, corruption or the violation of laws and regulations. Such incidents can damage a company's reputation and undermine public trust in the market. KPMG Forensic conducts independent in-house investigations based on a proven Global Investigation Methodology. We help companies to identify the perpetrators, quantify the damage, allocate responsibilities and recover assets (where applicable).


KPMG's expertise

  • Crisis management by taking immediate or emergency actions
  • Experienced team that is multi-lingual and multidisciplinary 
  • Conducting fast and discrete investigations
  • Use of results and experiences for future fraud prevention measures

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