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Companies need to respond quickly to any suspicion of white-collar crime. KPMG makes it possible to coordinate worldwide investigations.

KPMG makes it possible to coordinate investigations on suspicion of white-collar crime.

Each year companies around the world lose billions of dollars from white-collar crimes such as fraud or the violation of laws, regulations or internal directives. These episodes damage a company's reputation and undermine public trust in the market. It's clearly incumbent on boards of directors and management at all levels to get to the root of such incidents without delay. The experts at KPMG conduct independent in-house investigations based on proven methods. They help companies identify the perpetrators, quantify the damage and allocate responsibilities. They use modern techniques of data analytics, correct financial reports if required and communicate with the regulators. Based on the results of its investigations, KPMG drafts documentation with evidential value for judicial and extrajudicial proceedings and helps legal advisors clarify the matters at hand.


KPMG's expertise

  • Taking immediate or emergency measures, “securing the crime scene”, suggesting immediate remedial measures and developing a strategic follow-up plan;
  • Gathering facts, retaining and analyzing evidence, questioning suspects and listening to third parties;
  • Determining the extent, cause and level of any damage or loss, locating and recovering assets;
  • Help with dealings involving the police and authorities, with legal proceedings and with internal and external communications;
  • Suggestions for measures to combat fraud, misconduct and corruption;
  • Management of digital evidence using KPMG’s standardized international process for collecting and recovering digital evidence

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