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Forensic Technology

Forensic Technology

Data that is stored and processed electronically is key to preventing, exposing and investigating economic crime.

Data that is stored and processed electronically is key to investigating economic crime.

Permanently available information infrastructures and increasingly mobile access to confidential information both pose risks to companies. Targeted electronic attacks on information systems by both external and internal perpetrators as well as cases of fraudulent activity regularly make the headlines. The companies affected need to locate, secure and analyze relevant data quickly.

KPMG Forensic meets these requirements with state-of-the-art forensic technology and an interdisciplinary team of IT specialists, investigators, auditors and lawyers. Computer-aided forensic investigations enable data to be processed and recovered and sequences of events during a crime to be reconstructed.

KPMG's expertise

  • Incident Response: A prompt and appropriate response is required in the event of a cyber attack. KPMG helps you to mitigate your damage and loss, secure your digital trails forensically and restore your normal business operations.
  • e-Discovery: Using an internationally recognized process, KPMG can locate the relevant documents within a large volume of data, sift through them efficiently and make them available in a suitable format.
  • Forensic Data Analysis: KPMG’s specialists can assist you with the systematic investigation and evaluation of all kinds of datasets as well as with forensic plausibility checks using standardized test scenarios. We can also run industry-, company- or process-specific tests to enhance the outcome of an analysis.

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