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Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence services help you prevent, detect and mitigate third-party risks such as commercial, reputational, legal or regulatory risk.

Detect and mitigate third-party risks such as commercial, reputational, or legal risk.

When engaging in third-party relationships your challenge is to quickly gain insight into who you’re dealing whether it’s with prospective clients, new members of the board, financial intermediaries or sales representatives. However, globalization and cross-border relationships bring language barriers and different regulatory environments that complicate the collection and processing of necessary information. Yet, meaningful and reliable insight into your third parties’ background can help assess, mitigate and eliminate third-party risks – financial, reputational, legal or regulatory – so you can make well informed decisions.

Your next challenge might be facing the lack of publicly available or accessible information on a new business partner or vendor with whom you just closed the deal. Or the third party might be domiciled out of your reach in another country or continent. Without having the established network, your chances of obtaining the necessary information on time are low.

The increasing in obtaining vital third-party information exposes your organization to numerous risks. KPMG supports you in the delicate process of getting insights on individuals and entities.

KPMG's expertise

  • Astrus Due Diligence Reports: With Astrus, a digital solution developed by KPMG, you’ll get information on background, adverse press and sanctions imposed on your third parties. You’ll receive concise and easy to comprehend reports, highlighting key issues and providing clear risk indicators on your third parties.
  • Pre-Employment Screening: KPMG developed various tools to conduct pre-employment screening to prevent and to detect the risk of insider threats, fraud or embezzlement early. The ultimate goals of pre-employment screening are to ensure a perspective candidate fits your organization and to protect it by knowing with whom you’re about to entrust your clients’ database or industrial know-how before you do it. The tools can be tailored to match your unique requirements.
  • Corporate Intelligence (CI) Investigations: To go one step further, opt for a CI investigation which brings deeper and exhaustive insights into your third-parties’ backgrounds. While this service can be entirely tailored, CI investigation usually covers discreet source inquiries, physical research in local registries or asset tracing in various jurisdictions. CI investigations are recommended for third parties with the most impact on your business such as C-level candidates, major vendors or high-risk clients. 


Further information

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