Increasing globalization and language barriers create ongoing challenges for mitigating third-party risks, be they commercial, reputational, legal or regulatory. Whether you would like to quickly and discretely obtain information on future business relationships or verify employee background information, insights into your third parties are essential for regulatory compliance. Furthermore, it enhances your ability to identify, plan, negotiate and execute strategic undertakings. Our experienced, forensic-minded people analyze the facts and prepare a concise and comprehensive report to guide your decision-making process. KPMG supports you in mitigating potential risks by providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

KPMG's expertise

  • Preparation of Full Enhanced Due Diligence Reports within 2–6 working days
  • Clear and consistent reporting of key risk issues and indications of risk factors
  • Pre-employment Screening and tailor made vetting process
  • Corporate Intelligence Investigations to bring deeper insights into your third-parties’ backgrounds
  • Human Resources Investigations (in cases of discrimination, mobbing, retaliation or harassment), including conducting interviews
  • Asset tracing to identify and trace assets that have been hidden, misappropriated or stolen, or simply gain a better understanding of the asset profile of a business partner, customer or debtor

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