Global Strategy Group

Global Strategy Group

Innovation to results – we provide a new perspective on how to design and implement strategies that win in today’s market.

Focus on value creation, protection and delivery from innovation to results.

Our economic environment and its respective players are exposed to constant change. The „new normal“ is characterized by fast changing market conditions, disruptive new market entries and the accelerate development of new technology. A sustainable strategy needs to incorporate the constantly developing understanding of how value creation, value preservation and innovation power play together.

KPMG‘s Global Strategy Group (GSG) considers strategy as an integrated portfolio of initiatives, aligning challenging financial ambitions with the core elements of a sustainable business model and the aspiration of operational excellence. Our proprietary 9 Levers of Value (9LoV) strategy approach can be applied at the corporate strategy level or within the portfolio at the business unit level.

Globally, we support organizations across industries in defining their ambition through to implementation, delivering targeted results. Our clients benefit from our deep functional expertise, state of the art tools and methodologies as well as the know-how of the entire KPMG network. We call this "Innovation to Results".

KPMG offers the following strategy capabilities:

  • Enterprise-wide transformation
  • Deal strategy 
  • Integration & separation
  • Growth strategy
  • Operating strategy & cost
  • Digital strategy

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