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Fixing a Business

Fixing a Business

Turnaround, financial restructuring, solvency strategies: KPMG's integrated team of specialists can guide you through difficult times.

Financial restructuring & solvency strategies: KPMG guide you through difficult times.

When you need to solve financial difficulties and improve corporate performance, KPMG’s integrated team of specialists helps you prioritize issues and focus on the right growth path. We assist in turnaround situations including short term cash flow advice, strategic realignment, operational and financial restructuring, in non-distressed reorganization and performance improvement projects (cost saving programs), in the rationalization of legal entities and in the acquisition of (di-)stressed assets including their subsequent restructuring and integration. We function as a trusted advisor to help unlock value at every stage.

Problems come in all shapes and sizes, often arriving at the same time. To improve performance, you need a trusted advisor who can help you prioritize the issues and focus on the correct growth path, unlocking value at each stage.

Financial restructuring
When a company is experiencing financial difficulties, stakeholders often look for additional information or resources to help rebuild their confidence. We can help you understand the complex landscape of borrowers, lenders and shareholders and manage stakeholder communications, so you stay in front of the issues and make the best decisions.

Solvency Strategies
When a company is in distress, the management team faces many concurrent challenges. We help you assess the situation, to structure viable options for winding down the business together with management or administration from a legal, tax, financial, and operational point of view. Working with you and your stakeholders, we help identify the growth path that will maximize available value.

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