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Deal Technology

Deal Technology

Business intelligence solutions that enable data analysis with unprecedented depth and breadth to get instant insights.

Business intelligence solutions that enable data analysis.

From data to insights to value: By utilizing our self-service business intelligence solutions, we enable our clients and ourselves to analyze data with unprecedented depth and breadth and consequently obtain insights in just a few clicks. Our DealTech solution portfolio supports our Deal Advisory clients along the entire deal lifecycle, starting from market entry & positioning strategy, deal sourcing, portfolio management, due diligence, synergies and value capture, all the way to a PMO Cockpit.

Key benefits of the DealTech approach:

  • Value enhancement: In-depth data analysis by slicing and dicing your customized data cube. Increase meaningful insights generated with dynamic real-time analytics.
  • Quality improvement: Consistent logic applied with a clear audit trail of all data transformation. Rapid feedback on robustness and consistency of source data and documents.
  • Efficiency gains: Ability to easily work with large amounts of data whilst maintaining the most granular detail (e.g. Stock Keeping Unit Level). Quick and easy updates of source data with robustness and quality checks.

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