Innovation is the lifeblood of financial services. Even by this industry’s standards, however, the current pace of change is dramatic. Strategies, business models, technologies… all are up for review. New markets are being created, such as for digital assets and crypto-currencies. Even financial market infrastructure is going digital. Traditional financial services firms are turning into platforms, and new players continue to emerge – many of whom have already built successful brands in other sectors such as technology.

Keeping pace with transformation: be quick, be bold, be informed

Many executives are struggling in the face of radical change. How to set a new vision and reorient an entire organization amid such uncertainty? How to remain connected to customers while doing so? How to do all this quickly enough?

In this edition of Frontiers in Finance, we speak to some organizations who are tackling these issues head on. From BlackRock to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to start-up bolttech, many are actively building new financial platforms. With so many exciting initiatives out there as the industry transforms, we take a look at some of the key developments.

"Whether this is an evolution of financial services, or a total reinvention, one thing is clear: the need to accelerate innovation. The winning strategies of tomorrow are already being developed. The question is: are they yours?"

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Platforms fueling growth

  • Evolving the model
  • Staying one step ahead
  • Digital leaders are expected to outperform in life insurance
  • Rethinking new business models for banking

Accelerating innovation

  • What financial institutions can still learn from fintechs
  • Data driven – The new value of financial services data
  • Real innovation in real estate

Cryptoassets and CBDCs

  • A world of challenges amid opportunities as cryptoassets gain momentum
  • Tax information reporting on cryptoassets
  • Central bank digital currencies are in the spotlight

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