In today's business world, companies’ long-term financial success has become increasingly linked to how they are integrated into society and the environment. Today, it is more important than ever to incorporate ESG in their business strategy to build a resilient business model that thrives in the new reality and helps make the world a more sustainable and better place for everyone. On this page, we have compiled our expertise for you.

Sustainability Services

No matter where your company is on the path to becoming a sustainable business, we can help you along the way.

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Blog articles

Our blog articles offer a clear picture of current trends and challenges facing the sustainability landscape.

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Sustainable Finance: Regulatory Outlook 2022

January 2022: The most important regulatory trends faced by Swiss financial institutions in 2022.

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Revised system of the GRI Standards

January 2022: Most significant changes since their introduction in 2016.

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Climate stress tests for financial institutions

December 2021: How financial institutions are estimating their vulnerability to climate change.

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Responsible Business Initiative

December 2021: Federal Council enacts changes to the indirect counter-proposal (in German).

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FINMA addresses greenwashing – what to do now?

November 2021: An integrated and holistic ESG coverage along the product governance process is key.

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The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation is here

March 2021: Why this is only the beginning of the journey to address greenwashing in financial services.

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Swiss climate reporting is heating up

February 2021: What you should know about TCFD climate reporting in Switzerland and the challenges ahead.

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Non-financial reporting by Swiss corporations

December 2020: Being transparent about non-financial aspects is key to sustainable development (in German).

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Reporting on the race towards net zero

November 2020: Achieving net zero emissions by 2050: What is the current status of climate-related reporting on a global level?

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Sustainable Investing and Compliance Risks

October 2020: The tremendous growth of sustainable investing highlights compliance challenges.

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Podcasts & Videos

In our podcasts and videos, our sustainability experts talk with specialists and partners from business, society and politics about the biggest changes of aligning corporate strategy in a sustainable way. The podcast series is designed especially for board members.

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Studies & Publications

We have listed a selection of global and Swiss thought leadership around ESG. 

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Taxonomy Regulation

Impact on Swiss financial institutions.

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Towards Net Zero Report

How the world's largest companies report on cilmate risk and net zero transition.

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The Time Has Come

KPMG’s survey of sustainability reporting 2020 – a guide to investors, asset managers and ratings agencies.

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ESG: Environmental, Social, Governance

An introductory guide for businesses.

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Recent developments in the ESG landscape

And why it is essential that the belong on board agendas.

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Clarity on Sustainable Finance

The important role of financial institutions in financing the transition to a circular economy.

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Frontiers in Finance

Purpose or profit? Why not both. Industry leader share their insights.

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Dealing with human rights

Challenges in the context of reporting and management processes (in German).

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ESG risks in banks

Learn more about effective strategies to use opportunities and mitigate risks. 

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Getting ahead in the circular economy

An opportunity to create value and build resilience.

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Five misconceptions about climate-related risks

And how you can look at them.

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Looking forward to a rising temperature?

Practical insights for a climate risk scenario analysis.

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