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This podcast series on sustainability is brought to you by KPMG and the swissVR board association.

ESG has become a strategic imperative. In each episode, we discuss with experts and partners from business, society or politics about the biggest challenges of aligning corporate strategy in a sustainable way. Boards must not only adapt their business models and capitalize the potential, but also know the risks and regulations.  

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Ep. 01: Sustainability – From niche to mainstream?

Silvan Jurt, Head Corporate Sustainability Services at KPMG, and Patrick Schmucki, Corporate Responsibility Officer at KPMG, talk about the challenges of integrating sustainability in a business model. In today's business world, companies’ long-term financial success has become increasingly linked to how they are integrated into society and the environment.

Ep. 02: Sustainability – Changes in corporate reporting

Silvan Jurt, Head Corporate Sustainability Services at KPMG, and Reto Eberle, Professor for Auditing and Internal Control at the University of Zurich, discuss the rapid changes in corporate reporting. Having supplemented financial reporting with governance issues in the past, the latest demands from investors and clients surround the sustainability of a company.


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