Summer vacation has already begun in most Swiss cantons and many people are looking forward to travelling abroad again. But let's not forget that there are many amazing travel destinations right on our doorstep here in Switzerland. To help you discover what our different Swiss regions have to offer, leaders from our different KPMG office locations – in the present case, the Basel audit team – have shared their summertime tips.

Many Swiss people will stay on home turf for their summer vacation again this year. Are there any spots (museums, cinemas, art galleries or local beauty spots) in Basel you would recommend?

Basel has some great museums, for example the internationally acclaimed Kunstmuseum (art museum), Tinguely Museum (art museum) and Spielzeug Welten Museum. This is the largest toy museum in Europe, with four floors dedicated to some 6000 toys, showing off the ingenuity and craftsmanship that goes into every teddy bear, doll or doll’s house on display. 
In addition, the new Arena Cinema has opened in the Basel Stücki Park where you can go bowling or play billiards (great for rainy days). If you prefer watching movies outdoors, visit the open-air cinema from 5 August to 29 August. The location and movie program will be announced soon.

Do you have any favorite restaurants in your location, whether in the city or the surrounding countryside?

We highly recommend Hans im Glück Burgergrill & Bar. The location inside is cute and they have fabulous burgers. You will also find great food in the waterside bar Sandoase which has a great summer beach bar vibe. Otherwise, if you enjoy Lebanese food, try ZaZaa.

On hot summer days: Which public swimming pool, lake or river do the locals go to when they want to cool down or go for a swim in Basel or the surrounding area?

At the Birsköpfli, there are two big meadows where people enjoy hanging out in the sun. Take a dip in the water to cool off and if you get hungry or thirsty, there is a restaurant close by. A summer tradition in Basel is swimming in the Rhein. Get yourself a waterproof bag, jump into the Rhein and let yourself drift down the river. It is one of the city’s highlights.

For those travelling with kids, what is the coolest attraction in Basel to keep younger tourists entertained? Are there any go-to places if the weather is bad?

If you are looking for activities with kids, as well as the toy museum mentioned above, local favorites include: Zoo Basel or to Tierpark Lange-Erlen. Entry to this park is free of charge.

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