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In this episode, Grégoire Bordier and Christian Hintermann relive some of the strong points of the last 18 months in Swiss private banking and offer their expert opinion on the factors driving that success. They look at how innovation and ESG topics are changing the goalposts and why Swiss private banks have little to envy of their international counterparts.

"Service is the cornerstone of our strategy. There is no other place in the world to get the service you enjoy in Switzerland."

– Grégoire Bordier, Chairman of the Association of Swiss Private Banks

Insights and takeaways

  • According to the KPMG Clarity on Performance of Swiss Private Banks, 2020/2021 are record-breaking years on different fronts, with rarely seen before NNM levels
  • The investments and efforts made by private banks over the years is now paying off despite the challenging environment
  • Innovation and sustainability are two areas where Swiss private banks can pull well ahead of the competition, provided they do it right. 
  • Swiss private banks need to accompany their clients in their choice of sustainable investments.
  • Increased pressure to lower fees on the client-side obliges banks to look for ways to reduce costs through digitalization.
  • Going forward, a good strategy will have to reconcile the demand for higher returns in a conservative, low-rate environment.


  • Grégoire Bordier, Chairman of the Association of Swiss Private Banks
  • Christian Hintermann, Partner at KPMG, Financial Services