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Clarity on Swiss Taxes

Switzerland’s fiscal flexibility likely shrinking

With the project concerning the taxation of the digital economy and the challenges this poses, the OECD/G20 intend to align tax rates globally, bringing about a shift in the tax substrate. This project finds support due to the fact that many countries see the need to plug the hole in government finances torn by Corona bailout packages with tax revenues.

These developments may significantly hobble Switzerland's ability to position itself as a competitive tax location. As a result, other factors such as free market access, access to talent pools at home and abroad, excellent infrastructure and an outstanding education system will become more important.

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If tax competition is hampered further, Switzerland will have to promote its other location advantages even more vigorously.
Peter Uebelhart, Partner, Corporate Tax
Peter Uebelhart, Partner, Corporate Tax

Switzerland's Tax Landscape

Between 2020 and 2021, Swiss tax cuts were noticeably lower than in the past. Also, the TRAF parameters of the patent box relief and additional R&D deductions vary from canton to canton. As far as individual taxes are concerned, as in previous years, there were only minor changes.

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