Shared service centers (SSCs) have ceased long time ago to focus exclusively on providing affordable processes in low-wage countries. They are now seen as equal business partners who provide highly efficient global business services in digital centers of excellence.

What is a SSC and what advantages can I use?

The basic concept of shared services includes the bundling of decentralized administrative activities in a central service area, the SSC. Typically, transactional and repetitive tasks from the areas of Finance, HR, IT or Purchasing are bundled in SSCs. Complex tasks, such as data management or process digitization, are today also a part of the SSC portfolio.

Among other things, companies generate the following key benefits:

  • Use of favorable wage structures when setting up the SSC in a low-wage region
  • Use of economies of scale and scope by pooling resources, volumes and expert knowledge
  • Central initiation and control of digitization measures, e.g. B. RPA
  • Standardization and thus acceleration of administrative processes
  • Optimized control and better access to decentralized units through central governance
  • Greater flexibility during process changes, system implementations, investments and disinvestments

Especially digitalization is a key driver for the establishment and further development of SSCs into digital service centers or global business services in order to promote company-wide optimization of transactional and knowledge-intensive processes.

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Our service portfolio for setting up and optimizing SSCs

Over the past 10 years, KPMG has implemented more than 150 SSCs in numerous industries and further optimized several SSC processes. We focus on the overall SSC strategy, location analysis, processes & IT improvements, organizational development, employee development and controlling of the SSC. Find out below which key questions are addressed:


What targets shall be achieved and which optimization approaches are available?


Which locations are suitable for SSCs and which location selection criterias are relevant?

Process & IT

Which processes can be centralized in a SSC and how can these processes be automated and digitalized?


How should the SSC be organized and how should the organizational structure be adapted to the optimized processes?


Which qualification profiles will be required in the administrative functions in the future and how will the employees be trained?


Which key figures are used to control the organization and how are the organization's services recharged?


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