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Clarity on Performance of Swiss Private Banks

The outlook brightens as transformation accelerates

Clarity in 100 seconds

Banks have begun a much-needed transformation. Find out more about which two characteristics will differentiate bank performances in the future, and how stricter discipline on costs has become an imperative.

What the future holds for Swiss private banks

Christian Hintermann, Partner, Financial Services, shares his analysis of how private banks performed in 2019, and his expectations looking ahead. He includes insights into consolidation trends as the number of Swiss private banks falls to precisely 100, and the changes triggered from events over the past few months.
Christian Hintermann

Partner, Financial Services

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COVID-19: Impacts on Swiss private banks

No analysis would be complete without looking at the effects of the crisis. To this end, we supplemented our study by interviewing 27 C-level executives to better understand the longterm implications for your industry. They note how trading volumes in the first half of 2020 led to two or three times the usual levels for some banks, and how very few losses were incurred on loans. Caution is expressed for the rest of 2020, however, as continued margin pressure is expected on commissions, and the potential for a severe global economic downturn looms.
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Industry performance: AuM development (CHFbn)

A 10% boost in performance and 3% growth in Net New Money (NNM) caused Assets under Management (AuM) industry to rocket by 14% in 2019.

Number of private banks and M&A

Following a historic high of 19 deals in 2018, M&A activity dropped dramatically, with only nine deals in 2019 and five in the first seven months of 2020.

The result was a small reduction in the number of private banks to exactly 100 by the end of June 2020. This signals a 39% fall in the number of banks since 2010.

While private banks posted strong financial performances in the first half of 2020, the economic impact of COVID-19 may herald more challenging years ahead and may see consolidation accelerate.

Where is your bank today? KPMG Benchmarking Tool

Knowledge of the performance of your competitors is the key to assessing your competitive position. Our proprietary digital benchmarking tool contains data from 96 private banks: 84 Swiss and 12 Liechtensteiner and shows you where you stand compared to your competitors in over 50 key figures.

The following tool is a highly simplified and limited version of our well-founded benchmarking tool. The tool is for illustrative purposes only.

Please contact us to understand how our benchmarking tool can help you drive enhanced understanding and improved performance.

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