While the COVID-19 pandemic presents a momentous issue, it is an example of the interdependent relationship a company has with the communities it serves, and the crucial role environmental, societal and governance (ESG) factors have in contributing to the resilience of a business.

Reap combined gains from your ESG agenda

In this issue of Frontiers in Finance, we focus from a global perspective on an area of rapidly growing importance to the financial services sector – the ESG agenda. We explore the opportunities and growth areas, the global efforts in transitioning to an ESG-aware financial system; the growing demand for standardized measurement and disclosure; and the evolving political and regulatory landscape related to ESG.

Industry leaders give insight about how they are turning the ESG agenda to their advantage, and provide examples to point out how financial services firms can drive positive results by embedding ESG into their strategy and operations, sending a strong signal to the market.

ESG is the new lens through which companies will be evaluated, and those that not only embrace the principles, but positively demonstrate their commitment through action, will be the clear winners going forward.

Download this edition to find out more about:

  • Global and regional efforts to smooth the transition to an ESG-aware financial system
  • Interviews with industry leaders such as Goldman Sachs and Eurasia Group
  • Opportunities and growth areas enabled by new business models and technologies
  • Challenges and potential solutions to tackle reporting, political and regulatory expectations
  • Real-world examples that demonstrates how the ESG agenda can drive positive results
  • Interactive navigation and hyperlinks to additional resources

Frontiers in Finance is our biannual, topical and forward-looking collection of market insights, thought-provoking perspectives and sector-specific discussions for leaders and decision-makers within financial services organizations around the world.

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