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Strategic Alliances

KPMG Ignition


Face the future head-on

Building something new comes with uncertainty. What if there was a way to get answers to the most crucial questions early on – when effort, investment and risk are low?

Ignition makes this possible. Together we spot opportunities in data and gaps in customer experience; we design breakthrough solutions; and we develop essential new elements within your business to drive transformation where it matters.

Our concept empowers you to understand your customers’ needs and the challenges of your industry. This fresh perspective creates space for new ideas to evolve. So you can quickly turn opportunities into value.

From challenge definition to solution implementation, Ignition guides you on a journey of discovery.

Think big. Start small. Move fast.

Whether you want to harness groundbreaking insights, capitalize on innovative technology or deliver new products to market, Ignition addresses your unique requirements. We use creative and agile methods like Design Thinking and Lean Startup to identify the right problems, and solve them the right way. Our approach provides the framework, freedom and tools needed to inspire constructive creativity.

You choose the level of support you need – from standalone services, to our end-to-end solution across three areas:

  • Think Tank
    We gain a common understanding of the business challenge and pinpoint your target product vision.
  • Incubator
    We bring clarity about user and data insights to define an actionable problem statement to solve.
  • Accelerator
    We build prototypes and run experiments to iterate a successful solution to scale.

From challenge definition to solution implementation, Ignition guides you on a journey of discovery. Combining a human-centered approach with data-driven technology, we help you design solutions that empower you to grow and thrive in a digital world.

Key contacts

Beat Seger
Partner, Chief Digital Officer
+41 58 249 29 46
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Mark Meuldijk
Partner, Lighthouse Strategy
+41 58 249 48 84
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Mattia Ferrini
Director, Artificial Intelligence
+41 58 249 30 51
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Stephan Erdmann
Senior Manager, Head of Lighthouse Switzerland
+41 58 249 53 35
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