Building something new comes with uncertainty. What if there was a way to get answers to the most crucial questions early on – when effort, investment and risk are still low?

Ignition makes this possible. Together we spot opportunities in data and gaps in customer experience. We design breakthrough solutions and we develop new elements within your business to drive transformation where it matters. Our concept empowers you to understand your customers’ needs and the challenges of your industry. This fresh perspective creates space for new ideas to evolve so you can quickly turn opportunities into value.

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Think big. Start small. Move fast.

Ignition takes you on a journey of discovery. Combining a human-centered approach with data-driven technology, we help you unleash the entrepreneurial power in your organization to thrive in a digital world. We provide the framework, freedom and tools needed to inspire constructive creativity. You choose the level of support you need – from standalone services, to our end-to-end solution across three areas:

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Innovation Academy

The Innovation Academy offers trainings on Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Scrum and Change Management that empower you to solve complex problems, create user-centered innovations and develop holistic solutions.

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Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab helps you anticipate and prioritize market signals and potential disruptions of your industry. Based on your primary objective, we organize and deliver workshops and master classes addressing your specific situation. Together, we identify the right problem to solve and build technology solutions that count.

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Innovation X

Through Innovation X, we create radical new solutions to solve some of your industry’s hardest challenges. Whether you want to harness groundbreaking insights, capitalize on innovative technology or take new products to market, we address your unique requirements and build groundbreaking moonshots.

Innovate with confidence

"Data is the new oil," they say. But knowing how to use data properly is not a given. Utilize advanced analytics to uncover the hidden patterns, connections and causal links that explain human behavior and obtain valuable business outcomes.

Unleash your business with Low-code automation

Use low-code to bring flexibility and agility to your organization, modernizing and connecting your legacy systems without much effort.

Bring better transparency to global supply chains

Tap into the security features of blockchain and other cutting-edge emerging technologies to attain the highest levels of trust, visibility and traceability across today’s increasingly complex global supply chains.

Transform GRC into an intelligence-driven platform

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to enhance user experience and decision-making to help your business manage risks and compliance more effectively and more broadly than ever.

A global innovation network

We invite you to experience Ignition around the globe in many of the member firms affiliated with KPMG Switzerland:

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Mark Meuldijk

Mark Meuldijk

Partner, Data & Analytics and Intelligent GRC

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Ralitsa Dimitrova

Ralitsa Dimitrova

Manager, Insights Center Lead

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