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Building resilience

The current situation with the spread of the coronavirus and the important restrictions from international, federal and local authorities is challenging in many respects.

We’re dedicated to maintaining the highest level of Audit, Tax & Legal and Advisory services, helping our clients going through these challenging times. We are fully operational and in compliance with all respective laws.

Impacts on the economy

To help you better understand your organization’s exposure to COVID-19 risks and position your business to be resilient in the face of this threat, you will find here the newest articles from our experts.

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Responding to challenging times

No one can predict with any accuracy how long this period of uncertainty will last. Below you will find further information and useful tools to help you address the various questions.

The coming weeks

As with any significant disruption, robust scenario planning is critical to identify the key issues for your business.

Your key contacts

We want to help answer questions. Questions that are currently being asked and questions that might not be asked for a few days or weeks. Our audit, tax, legal and advisory specialists are ready to support you with advice and assistance in this extraordinary situation.