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Swiss Real SnapShot!

Swiss Real SnapShot!

Swiss Real SnapShot!

The trends in Swiss real estate investment market can be overwhelming due to its many layers.

KPMG’s Swiss Real Snapshot provides clarity on the latest trends and issues. It assesses the macroeconomic environment and provides insights into the developments in the following sub-markets:

  • Office property market
  • Retail property market
  • Residential property market
  • Direct property investments
  • Indirect property investments

For this issue, we chose the topic "The pressure is still on" and also examine the influence of self-driving vehicles on land prices. Learn more about how municipalities and property owners can prepare for the upcoming developments.

The Swiss Real SnapShot! is published twice a year and provides an overview of current trends and developments in the Swiss real estate investment market and its influencing factors.

Download the publication in English below or click here to read it in French.