Genomics can bring significant benefits to healthcare systems, by accelerating clinical research and drug development, personalizing treatment regimens, improving patient outcomes, and reducing the cost of care.

Genomic data, the most personal of all human data, is part of the overall explosion in health data, enabled by the exponential growth in computing power and the commercialization of wearable technologies.

In addition to the many benefits, the ability to gather and share personal, sensitive information, has a paradoxical dark side. This can be found in the form of challenging privacy requirements and Cyber Security risks, which often delay research, lowering the financial return on investment and damaging the brand reputation.

Highlights from the paper

  • Genomics has enormous potential to reshape drug discovery and development by leading the drive to personalized medicine.
  • As the human genome potential becomes a more integral part of the life sciences landscape, the volume of genomic data continues to rise at an increasing rate.
  • Genomic data privacy, reliability and security is a rising concern, as life sciences companies strive to comply with strict regulations and verity trial treatment results.
  • A genomic data strategy is essential to drive more effective R&D and meet regulatory requirements.