Data & Analytics in Tax

Data & Analytics in Tax

A data-driven approach helps tax teams keep pace with legislator's requirements and capitalize on the power of emerging technology for their business.

A data-driven approach helps tax teams keep pace with legislator's requirements.

Cognitive computing. Robotic process automation. Probabilistic reasoning. For many tax directors, technological advances like these may seem like science fiction. But in fact, many tax authorities are already exploiting D&A techniques to enforce compliance – with increasing speed and efficiency. Although compliance is a main driver for D&A in tax, many forward-thinking firms are discovering previously untapped value from their reams of tax data.

After all, most companies have strong processes for collecting tax data. The challenge is unlocking its value and transforming tax data into actionable, predictive insights. Insights that business leaders can use to understand tax obligations, implement process improvements, optimize pricing and much more.

As a proven global leader in Data & Analytics, KPMG helps companies capitalize on new tools and techniques to boost efficiency, reduce errors and make better strategic decisions across the tax department and beyond. We help tax teams move past compliance and regulatory functions to mine hidden value and enhance the performance of the business overall.

For us, D&A is a science, not fiction.

Our D&A expertise in tax

  • Data-driven compliance approach 
  • Advice on safeguarding quality master data
  • Process automation
  • Insights on tax-relevant topics such as global mobility 
  • Technology-enabled visualization techniques
  • Transaction analysis
  • Modeling capabilities that enable companies to review and build usable tax data
  • Intelligent technology tools that leverage the power of D&A to provide insights in Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing, Global Trade and Corporate Income Tax
  • D&A workshops at our Insights Center

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