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Clarity on Healthcare

Clarity on Healthcare

Clarity on Healthcare

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The digital revolution allows hospitals to work faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively, to an unprecedented extent. - Michael Herzog

A survey by FMH and KPMG of more than 30,000 physicians in Switzerland found the following: The medical profession is in favor of digitalization, but is not yet prepared to integrate digital services into everyday business.

While three quarters of the under 40-year-olds are fundamentally in favor of and are more open-minded towards digital possibilities, the over 50-year-olds reject digitalization even in principle. They are concerned that the data is not yet reliable and accurate enough to enable an integrated medical monitoring of patients.

Medbase CEO Marcel Napierala also addresses the topic of integrated care in our interview. Medbase is part of the Migros Group and offers comprehensive medical services with family doctors, specialists and therapists all under one umbrella. The treatment takes into account the various offers, thus focusing wholly on the patients’ welfare and their needs.

This much is clear: such partnerships and the new possibilities of digitalization will lead to a marked change in the patient experience when being treated, the so-called "patient journey". This journey does not necessarily only depict the process steps, but also includes the patient’s subjective feeling. In addition to a more positive customer experiences, this development will also result in a decrease of administrative tasks.

The current Clarity on Healthcare shows what digital change can look like and what needs to be considered.

In this issue


  • Integrated care should focus on patients’ benefit - Marcel Napierala, CEO of Medbase


  • Digitalization in the Swiss health care system: Swiss doctors’ new understanding of their roles


  • Strategic development in the digital age: a structured approach is called for
  • Leadership and change in the digital age
  • "Patient Journey" – the patient pathway of the future
  • Changes in the pharmaceutical industry – new focus: the patient

Key contacts

Michael Herzog, Partner, Sector Head Healthcare / Head Audit Not-for-profit organizations and public sector

Walter Gratzer, Director, Government & Healthcare