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Mastering technologies while seeing the bigger picture

Clients require a new type of assurance to address new risks that emerged from an ever dynamic world. Audits have become more process focussed in this increasingly automated and standardized environment. The speed of change at our clients and in our business is likely to further accelerate, but what will remain is the need to challenge clients' business models and the auditor’s ability to make sound judgements.

Lukas Marty

Partner, Head of Audit and Member of the Executive Committee, KPMG Switzerland

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More insights with an integrated and dynamic audit approach

The world is changing. We are too. We endeavor to bring efficiency and greater value through innovations to our audit process. We incorporate technology across the end-to-end audit approach, from planning to reporting, and employ data analytics and innovative technology to our client’s IT environment and processes. By doing so, we are able to analyze greater quantities of data, dig deeper and deliver a high quality audit, and provide our clients with tangible and valuable insights. Insights they can use to make better-informed decisions about their business.

KPMG’s Dynamic Audit Platform
Quality Efficiency Insights Planning Execution Reporting
Applied Technology
Dynamic Risk Assessment
Test Automation
Process Mining
Reporting Platforms

KPMG’s Dynamic Audit Platform is a powerful yet simple, agile and intelligent platform that will enhance audit quality and bring you deeper actionable insights in real time.

Where do you stand in your digital journey?

KPMG strives to inspire confidence and empower change. Our methodology is mature and continues to evolve with the latest technological changes. The option of using technology in the audit depends on our client’s IT systems maturity and future digital developments. As our client’s IT environment evolves and the ERP landscape matures and centralizes, we'll further optimize the use of technology in the audit. As our client standardizes and centralizes, we'll be scaling up data analytics and process-mining in the audit, and perform less of the manual testing and spreadsheet controls.

Decentral and aged IT Central elements and modern platform Core of central and standard ERP Highly modern and central ERP
Manual audit effort
Spreadsheet controls
Data analytics for 100% population testing
Automated business process controls and segregation of duties
General IT controls
Data & analytics 100%

Scalable audit analysis scope

Clarity on Dynamic Audit

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Dynamic Risk Assessment: Seeing audit risks in a new light

Looking beyond conventional depictions of risk based solely on likelihood and severity, Dynamic Risk Assessment takes a four-dimensional view of risk that allows for the contagion effect of risks. By exposing the expected contagion effects between global and enterprise risks, KPMG objectively measures the genuinely significant threats. This unparalleled view provides our clients with new insights that they may use to drive more-informed decisions within their organizations about how best to tackle and monitor these threats.

Note: Regulatory limitations in using full methodology for audit clients.

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Lukas Marty

Partner, Head of Audit and Member of the Executive Committee

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Partner, Head of Assurance Technology

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