KPMG TrAction

KPMG TrAction

Implement complex projects efficiently and ensure measures taken achieve the intended objective. KPMG TrAction enables you to manage your projects in a dynamic and proactive fashion, and to coordinate project work across several locations and with the involvement of several companies.



René Koets

Partner, Head of Management Consulting

KPMG Switzerland


KPMG TrAction is a web-based tool that is operated in the KPMG Cloud. You can track the progress of your project and the success of the measures taken at all project levels from anywhere and at any time. Even though data is collected by the members of your project team on a decentralized basis, it is stored centrally and aggregated. TrAction generates standard reports and analyses that are tailored to your needs.

The tool is intuitive and easy to use and allows you to devote more time to the actual content and management of your project, thereby minimizing any necessary administrative work.

The challenges you face:

  • Do you want to reduce costs, optimize your business or put it back on the path to success? Have you set your objectives and are now turning your attention to the ‘who, when and how’?
  • Do you have to coordinate the work of many people? Perhaps those people work at several different locations or even in several different countries?
  • Are roles and responsibilities within your project not (always) clearly assigned?
  • Do you want to do more than ‘just’ coordinate deadlines? Instead, most of all, do you want to see the outcomes and progress of individual measures? Even when you’re on the go?
  • Does your existing project management tool only allow you to measure the success of your actions to a limited degree?
  • Does it take a long time to write status reports and does this need to be done on a central system?

KPMG TrAction – key functions

Measure tracking:

  • Clear project structure and assignment of responsibilities
  • Overview of all the defined individual measures and the activities required for their implementation
  • Defined milestones and quantified effects at measure level
  • Effects may constitute financial (e.g. sales, EBIT or cash flow) as well as non-financial benchmarks (e.g. number of productive hours or invoices processed)

Measuring success:

  • Transparency regarding the extent to which measures have achieved their objectives in terms of implementation progress and the degree to which planned benchmarks have been attained.
  • The status of a measure is assessed on the basis of our long-standing, tried-and-tested criteria
  • The implementation status of all measures taken

Individual reporting:

  • Comprehensive, individualized and automatic reports customized to meet your requirements
  • Easy generation of standard analyses and individual analyses at all project levels

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