Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce

Your business doesn’t stop at borders and nor do your employees. KPMG works with you to unravel the complexities and manage your mobile workforce.


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Adrian Tüscher

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Head HR Legal Services

KPMG Switzerland


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Your business doesn’t stop at borders and nor do your employees. Being aware of all the implications, let alone responding to them, can nevertheless quickly become too overwhelming for even the largest of multinational companies. We at KPMG work with you to unravel the complexities, implement practical proven solutions to overcome the regulatory challenges and help you better manage your mobile workforce.

Risk awareness and management

  • Immigration clearance – addressing the issues upfront and avoiding unnecessary surprises
  • Employment law – clarity on the legal pitfalls
  • Permanent establishment risks – understanding potential impact employee moves have on the company’s obligations
  • Payroll reporting and withholding – staying compliant in an increasingly regulated world
  • Personal taxation – identifying, accounting for and managing the local differences
  • Social security and pension – looking out for your employee’s long term welfare while managing costs today
  • Management of Extended Business Travelers

Solutions tailored to your current (and future) workforce

  • International assignment, commuter or foreign local hire – fitting the move type to the specific employee as well as the business
  • Building the right incentive drivers - knowing and understanding the varied options for non cash based equity schemes to flexible benefits
  • Payroll delivery – understanding the mechanics whether it be from home, host and/or headquarters
  • Recharges – getting the right transfer pricing strategy in place and seeing it through to the appropriate corporate deduction

Strategic investments with measured returns

  • Cost projections with tax accruals – budgeting appropriately upfront
  • Forecasting – managing employee expectations and facilitate planning
  • Cost tracking – monitoring systems in place which also provide primary basis to achieve compliance
  • ROI, including retention – moves and international assignment can be very expensive so it critical to ensuring you are spending wisely
  • Optimizing your corporate tax obligations – the many moving parts may provide flexibility and opportunity

Delivering on the complexity

  • Obtaining work permits
  • Delivering payroll
  • Implementing assignment management systems
  • Rolling out business traveler applications
  • Global equity tracking tools
  • Outsourcing HR operations
  • A holistic tax strategy – from personal filings to transfer pricing, VAT and corporation taxation
  • Global network with the up to date local country know-how and expertise

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