Certification REKOLE®

Certification REKOLE®

Clear Advantages thanks to Certification REKOLE® || According to REKOLE, certification of your cost accounting can create significant added value

Certification REKOLE®
  • A cost accounting seal of quality and transparency; audited by an independent authority.
  • A substantially strengthened position during negotiations with your business partners. Due to the certification, your allocation of resources is transparent, comparable and confirmed by a third party.
  • Your hospital’s cost accounting data is validated by an experienced and professional partner. This improves the informative value of hospitals’ cost comparisons (DRG-) structures. 
  • Increased data reliability per case contributes to a significant improvement of national routine data (e.g. BfS - Hospital Statistics or SwissDRG data for the calculation of relative weight). This aids the hospital to strengthen its position on a national level.
  • Due to the assignment of cost accounting specialists, we can shed some light on potential room for improvement and development.

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