Digital & Technology Transformation

Digital & Technology Transformation

Digitalization of healthcare are a challenge to traditional business models. Meet the requirements by adjusting processes and patient communication.

Digitalization of healthcare are a challenge to traditional business models.

The increasing digitalization of healthcare can be a challenge to traditional business models. It will require the adjustment of processes, patient communication and organization as well as strategies to meet the latest technological requirements. Hospitals and clinics, as well as “Stammgemeinschaften” that are responsible for the introduction of electronic patient records (EPR) for inpatient treatments by 2020 are under great pressure.

KPMG advises hospitals and clinics that are on their way to a transformation and understands their requirements for a digital organization of tomorrow.

Our Services at a Glance:

  • Find out where certain areas of your hospital are positioned in view of the digital era we live in. How ready is your organization to become fully digitalized? We can support you with a Digital Readiness Assessment where we evaluate the digital positioning of your organization with the help of employee surveys, process analyses, market benchmarking, etc.
  • Digital Solutions - Strategy development: Our support can also include the development of digital strategies because new digital possibilities also bring with them their own challenges. Which digital solutions make sense in your case? Which direction could your organization take? Contrary to traditional strategy processes, we focus on your digital roadmap and answer questions what digitalization could mean for your particular organization.
  • Digital Solutions - Patient journey: The traditional patient journey has long been abandoned. These days, patients expect services that go far beyond a stay at the hospital. These expectations are also an opportunity to make patients loyal customers already before they use your establishment and allows for a post-hospital stay service provision. Together, we will tailor the patient journey of tomorrow.

KPMG also advises cantons and “Stammgemeinschaften” in the area of eHealth:

  • Electronic patient records: Do you meet the technical requirements regarding functionality and security for electronic patient records (EPR)? We understand the crucial requirements. Have us certify your organization.
  • Business cases: How can you finance your master association in the long-term? KPMG is able to support you in the development of your business model.