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Banks, insurance companies and asset managers should not only examine their own businesses for ESG and sustainability aspects, they also need to understand the unique role they play in financing businesses and the wider economy. In fact, these days, ESG is the new lens through which the world assesses the value of a company.

It’s about more than just what a company is doing to mitigate climate change. ESG criteria bring into focus data on how a company treats its workers, the impact of its supply chain, the mechanics of its governance, and how positive a role it plays within its community and broader society.

The power of finance as a force for good in “greening” the economy puts financial services in the spotlight to adopt sustainable finance principles in all business and operating models. Pressure from governments and regulators as well as market forces are forcing the pace of change through extensive new rules and regulations.

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  • Regulatory driven transformation: we have a roster of tried and tested approaches and tools to assess the impact of new regulatory requirements and support you with their implementation.
  • Integration of ESG in product distribution: we assess distribution processes and IT systems to support the integration of ESG factors to allow firms to offer suitable sustainable products to their clients.
  • ESG risk Management: we analyze the risk management process and help integrate ESG risk factors or support you with the definition of sustainability risk in your portfolios.
  • Sustainable products: we design sustainable financial products together with you and accompany their introduction from beginning to end - from the technical implementation and necessary adjustments of operational processes to legal documentation and the establishment of sales readiness.
  • Sustainability reporting and assurance: we will help you identify the performance indicators that are of importance to your stakeholders, and to work these into a credible report in accordance with a relevant standard. In order to improve the indicators’ credibility, we can also perform an independent audit of these. For further information on our reporting and assurance services, please click here.

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