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Re-evaluate technology and client behavior to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Creating potential out of complexity

As an insurer, you face a series of complex challenges. From macro-economic uncertainties to shifts in client behaviors, to the impacts of climate change. Not to mention emerging technologies, disruptive new market entrants, and the need to holistically meet the needs of your customers.

The regulatory environment meanwhile adds to the cost and complexity of doing business. New FINMA regulations, amended reporting rules, and continued strict solvency requirements under Solvency II or the Swiss Solvency Test (SST) are changing the game.

Philipp Rickert

Head of Financial Services

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Thomas Schneider

Head of Insurance

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Clarity on Sustainable Finance

Delivering impact without compromise

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Clarity on Insurance Digitalization

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Services improve the strategic value of your IT investments in today's dynamic technology environment.

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Financial Services in Liechtenstein

We have global insight, world-leading practices, local knowledge and the ability to make things happen on the ground.

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Financial Services Tax

Banks, brokers, insurers and investment managers all require specific tax advice. KPMG knows what financial service providers need.

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Financial market legislation

Laws, ordinances and FINMA circulars for financial intermediaries.

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Our blog offers a clear picture of current trends and challenges facing the Swiss economy.

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