Reto Kaufmann

Director, Audit

KPMG Switzerland

Reto Kaufmann has been working at KPMG’s Audit Corporate department since 2000. He is responsible for non-profit organizations in the Swiss-German part of Switzerland.

Reto is in charge of the audit and the relationship management of non-profit organizations that are active nationally and internationally. He has an in-depth understanding of the environment of Swiss associations and foundations that hold their accounts according to Swiss GAAP FER 21 and/or Swiss law.

Together with selected employees, he forms KPMG’s core NPO team, which focuses intensively on developments in the NPO sector, lecturing on this subject at various events.

Reto also has in-depth experience in the audit of medium-sized and large real estate companies and consumer products corporations. He is also very knowledgeable in consolidations, the coordination of international audit teams and reporting packages that keep their readers in mind. He is also well-versed in questions concerning capital market transactions and accounting under IFRS and Swiss GAAP FER.

Education and qualifications
  • Swiss Certified Public Accountant

  • Swiss certified fiduciary

  • Certification as Swiss GAAP FER expert

  • IFRS accreditation