Reto Gareus

Partner, Financial Services, Regulatory & Compliance

KPMG Switzerland

Reto Gareus has provided audit services to many financial services clients – managing complex, international engagements for large, global banking groups – for over a decade. He has performed various audits of banks’ financial reporting in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP, BAG-FINMA and Code of Obligations as well as regulatory audits in accordance with Swiss law and regulatory requirements (e.g. compliance & governance, capital adequacy, large exposures, SNB reporting and other mandatory regulatory audit areas). He’s also conducted audits in areas such as credit, code of conduct, anti-money laundering and asset management.

Reto brings significant experience in regulation applicable to new businesses and transactions, formal reporting to supervisory authorities and in incorporation and merger audits. He also has special expertise in the management of operational risk and implementation of sound risk management frameworks.  

  • Audit
  • Financial Services
  • Master in Economics at HSG (lic. oec. HSG)

  • Swiss Certified Accountant

  • FINMA-accredited Leading Bank Auditor