Patrizio Aggio

Director, Audit Financial Services Lugano

KPMG Switzerland

Patrizio Aggio joined KPMG Zurich in 1997 in the former “Banking Audit” department. After passing his exam as a Swiss Certified Accountant, Patrizio was seconded to KPMG UK in London (2001-2003), where he was involved in investment banking/leasing, private banking and private equity audits. He received the FINMA-accreditation as Leading Bank Auditor in 2006.

His long-term experience includes the audit of middle-sized banks, such as private banks, retail banks and investment banks. In the past, he also audited a number of independent private banks of a large Swiss bank. His long-time experience is in the area of financial (Swiss GAAP, FINMA accounting rules, IFRS) and regulatory audits (in particular, anti-money laundering expertise) as well as bank liquidation audits, including special regulatory mandates on behalf of regulatory bodies. He also has experience in the audit of asset managers under FINMA supervision or other, non-FINMA regulated external asset managers.

Finally, he took part and led a number of advisory projects, for instance, related to the US Tax Program, Italian Voluntary Disclosure and corporate governance. As a local lead partner Patrizio is also the trusted business advisor for all issues of his customers in the region Ticino.

  • Audit
  • Financial Services
  • Swiss Certified Accountant

  • Economic degree from the School in Economics and Business Administration, Lausanne

  • Lead banking auditor FINMA

  • IFRS accreditation