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  • Predictive Analytics

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  • Intelligent forecasting

    KPMG empowers companies to make better business decisions using advanced analytics and predictive modeling.

    We refine planning models using AI and machine learning.
    Marcin Jakubowski – Consulting Find out more

    Future-ready organizations deploy AI solutions and use internal and external signals to make the best possible business decisions. Predictive modeling and advanced analytics improve forecasting accuracy and enable businesses to make better choices. AI and machine learning produce intelligent forecasts that are faster and more accurate than manual methods. Our market-tested predictive forecasting technologies, supported by KPMG signals repositories, help to achieve much higher forecasting accuracy with less effort and provide significant benefits for businesses.

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  • Mathematical optimization in sports

    Fairer schedules, less travel time and lower carbon emissions – KPMG uses prescriptive analytics to optimize tournament timetables for better results.

    Prescriptive analytics make better timetabling a reality.
    Pierre-Henri Pingeon – Audit Find out more

    KPMG developed an algorithm to optimize the tournament schedules of a prestigious international sports federation, juggling 32 teams, over 65,000 variables, 270,000 constraints and 10˄50 possible solutions. Using an advanced approach and sophisticated mathematical techniques, KPMG was able to whittle down the results and assist the client in making a well-informed decision. The result: fairer schedules, less travel time and lower carbon emissions.

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  • Automated TP data collection

    Gathering annual data for transfer pricing compliance can be time-consuming. Automating this process reduces the workload and improves data quality.

    Automated TP compliance lets companies spend more time on strategic initiatives.
    Andreas Wiesner – Tax & Legal Find out more

    Annual transfer pricing compliance reports demand significant amounts of raw data and additional processing for segmented financial statements and other requirements. This process involves a range of different teams and ERP systems. To automate this process, we analyzed the data sources and built extractors to retrieve the data automatically. Now the final data is displayed in a standardized format in a dashboard, and can be used for reporting purposes in local transfer pricing files.

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  • Ecosystem screening

    A start-up wanted an assessment of their business environment – our fast, effective ecosystem radar gave them all the facts they needed.

    Effective data collection and stakeholder-specific analysis enables smart business decisions.
    Jeanette Hasenberger – Deal Advisory Find out more

    KPMG assisted in drawing up a business plan for a pioneering tech start-up in the field of random number generation. In this new, fast-growing market, data on competitors and investors is limited. Using DealTech and PitchBook, we created a dashboard of competitors, investment stages and investors, using a Tableau model to give the client a dynamic overview. With its methods for consolidating, validating and analyzing large volumes of data, KPMG delivered major savings in both time and money and created a value-enhancing analytics solution for the client.

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We believe our digital future is shaped by our commitment to innovation in tech, and the entrepreneurial spirit of our people.
Beat Seger, Partner, Real Estate Advisory, Chief Digital Officer

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We are looking for self-starters with the courage to break new ground and demand more than the status quo.

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