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This is KPMG

This is KPMG

We make a difference. We have a purpose. So can you.

We make a difference. We have a purpose. So can you.

At KPMG we believe there are as many versions of success as there are people, and we’re committed to empowering you to become a better you no matter what you do.

We offer a wide range of career opportunities, whether you want to train as a specialist or take on a management role, travel internationally or focus on Switzerland. We limit neither you nor your skills and support you in your potential.

Our culture is rooted in our values

Our integrity and policy of open and honest communication builds trust and collaboration, while our flexibility and diversity creates a culture in which people share knowledge freely, bringing out the very best in each other. With passion and purpose, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, bringing an entrepreneurial spirit, individual responsibility and an uncompromising desire to outperform to our work.

Why I chose KPMG

“I wanted to join a Swiss company with a major international network that offered me a diverse range of development and career opportunities that were tailored precisely to my strengths and needs. The great emphasis on cooperation and the friendly, informal culture were additional draws. Last but not least I admired how seriously KPMG takes its responsibility to society and the community.” – Stefan Pfister, CEO KPMG

With us, you will go further

Our work creates trust

KPMG is an independent Swiss company embedded in a large global network. KPMG invests a great deal in developing trusted and long-term client relationships. Doing so, we gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business models and can optimally connect our deep expertise to their issues. More and more companies rely on our comprehensive services. In this way, we play a positive role in generating progress, supporting financial security and contributing sustainable added value to society.