Our people: Saskia

Our people: Saskia

Manager in Audit Banking & Asset Management – Saskia explains what it means to be an auditor.

Manager in Audit Banking & Asset Management – what it means to be an auditor.

Our people: Saskia

How were your first days at KPMG?
My first day at KPMG I was invited to attend the Welcome Day. I already got to know some of my future colleagues from Audit, as well as from Tax, Advisory and FS. On my second day, I was welcomed by my team. New Assistants are carefully taught about audit activities before they are let loose on client jobs. We are also sent on an introduction week, which I found very helpful.

“My gut feeling that KPMG has an open-minded and friendly corporate culture was confirmed during the introduction week.”

So what does a typical work day look like?
There is no typical work day at Audit Banking & Asset Management. And that’s exactly what I love about my job. In general, we work on-site at the client’s premises. Depending on the engagement planning, I am responsible for certain balance-sheet and income statement items. What we audit in Financial Services depends on the engagement in question or the client to be audited. A traditional audit of the annual financial statements only takes place at the closing of the accounts. We use the interim audit to assess the business processes and control mechanisms of our clients. This enables us to get audit evidence and gives us a better idea of the client.

So what motivates you in your job?
Each day is different and every engagement brings new challenges with it. It is important to understand that Audit Banking & Asset Management is not only about auditing numbers. Regulatory topics are becoming more and more important and we need to keep up-to-date on the relevant legal requirements for our clients.

“What motivates me the most is the regular contact with our clients and the specific contacts at the client companies. Also, working with teams that always change is interesting.”

So what is your biggest challenge and how do you handle it?
I have to get to know every client from the get-go and also manage to integrate myself into a new engagement team every time. The training as auditor was tough. It’s a good thing that I got to take overtime in summer, which we accumulated during the busy season in winter. In this way, I was able to fully concentrate on my education and have a bit more time for family, friends and sports.

“The biggest challenge is also what I like most about my job: the constantly changing client mandates.”