Our people: Sandrine

Our people: Sandrine

Manager Global Mobility Services – Find out about Sandrine's daily activities as a tax advisor for individuals.

Find out about Sandrine's daily activities as a tax advisor for individuals.

Our people: Sandrine

How did you perceive the graduate program provided by Global Mobility Services? 
The graduate program of Global Mobility Services allowed me to work with three different GMS teams of a total of five within a year (Tax Compliance, Global Account Management, Swiss Tax Advisory, Global Payroll Manager or Global Equity Consulting). I was a permanent hire from the get-go, which is a great feeling.

“No other employer offered such a beginners’ program where I needed to learn much as far as tax advisory services are concerned but where I could also build up a far-reaching network.”

After the program, I decided together with my line manager that I should permanently join the Global Payroll Manager team.


So what does a typical day look like for you?
At Global Mobility Services, we attend to senior managers of multinational companies and help them handle the practical aspects of their expatriate stays, especially in regard to taxes and social benefits. For instance, we prepare the tax returns for the client company’s employees, taking into consideration their expatriate policies. Furthermore, we advise clients on tax planning, social benefits and cross-border taxation of employee stock options.

I am currently part of the Global Equity team. In this team, we advise our clients on the design and administration of global and local remuneration concepts and employee stock option programs as well on the compliance with remuneration policies here and abroad.


So what do you specifically enjoy with regard to your job?
After having studied subjects with an international context, I explicitly sought out a starter job in an international environment.

GMS is one of the most international departments at KPMG. We work with people from all over the world who sit with us on the same floor; we mostly communicate in English. 

The international aspect, the stimulating tasks but also the challenges as well as the great team motivate me every day.


What do you perceive as the greatest challenge at your job?
One of the challenges is certainly the conflicts between the legal requirements, the agreements made with the clients and the wishes of the particular employee we serve.

“Our client is the client company, but in our day-to-day business, we mainly deal with the individual employees of the client.”

These often wish for additional services which were previously not agreed with the client. A further challenge is and remains understanding the complex topics of taxes for natural persons who have an international job and who travel frequently.


Any other good advice to university graduates?
Go and attend the corporate recruiting events where you will get to know your future team mates in person. Of course, the content of a future job also plays a role.

“After all, in the end we spend more time with our team mates rather than our own families and friends, so a good team spirit is of the essence.”

And keep an open mind in regard to ideas and ways. Often a door will open when you least expect it.