Our people: Numa | KPMG Switzerland
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Our people: Numa

Our people: Numa

The six-month-long internship with Corporate Tax at KPMG Zurich has given Numa's professional career a whole new direction.

The internship at KPMG has given Numa's professional career a whole new direction.

What made you decide to join Corporate Tax at KPMG?
I found the good experiences I made during my internship with KPMG’s Corporate Tax very convincing. This is why I decided to continue my education to become a Swiss certified tax consultant once I graduated with my Master’s degree at HSG in St. Gallen.

“Originally, during my Bachelor’s, I oriented my career more towards becoming an auditor, which is why I decided to do a Master in Accounting and Finance (MAccFin).”

Tax legislation was treated only peripherally in this degree program. Once I had to find an internship during my Master’s, I really wanted to get to know something different. HSG’s Career Service Center then mentioned this internship at KPMG’s Tax services.


What do you perceive to be the biggest challenge in your job?
As I grew up in the Suisse Romandie, my mother tongue is French, which is why my knowledge of German is still a bit wanting. Most Corporate Tax clients speak German. I am lucky as I can attend language classes, where KPMG supports me not only with time credits but also financially. Another thing that is really attractive is that you can assume responsibility very quickly, even as a Consultant. I was able to take on responsibility for a subproject from Day 1! The challenge in project management is to keep all the deadlines and pending matters of a project straight and to act as a competent interlocutor for the client.


What are the advantages of having KPMG as your first employer after your studies?
KPMG Switzerland’s global network will allow me to gain professional experience also on international projects.

“I was already able to accompany many different projects from many different industries. Because I don’t have to specialize in a specific direction, I get to know the whole spectrum, ranging from Mergers & Acquisitions Tax to Tax Accounting, from Value Analysis Tax to Tax Compliance, thus gathering different experiences.”

KPMG also creates the right work environment, thus enabling a high standard of service quality. This is why, in the first few months, I learnt how to work very diligently and with much care. My colleagues are just as ambitious and have just as much of sense of quality as I do, which is why we learn and benefit from each other. In general, I perceive KPMG’s working environment as very good – it’s friendly but also challenging. As a first job after my studies, I really enjoy this feeling.


In what way does KPMG offer a jump-off point for your career?
Having KPMG on my CV is definitely a plus, even if I ultimately decide to continue my career elsewhere! Being a well-known, international company with excellent services for many different groups of clients, it enjoys an excellent reputation in the employment market. I realized this when I was once contacted by a headhunter.

“KPMG fosters a high-performing culture, daily learning of new things and you get to work with very well-educated colleagues who are just as obsessive about the high quality of our services.”

The employment market holds this working style in high esteem and actively seeks it out.