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Our people: Evgenia

Our people: Evgenia

Evgenia is a successful female leader and a mother-to-be. Find out about her inspiring story and how KPMG has accelerated her career development.

Evgenia is a successful female leader and a mother-to-be. Read her inspiring story.

Our people: Evgenia

«It is very important that my concerns regarding the compatibility of career and family are taken seriously.»

When did you start working for KPMG and what do you do now?
I started at KPMG as a Manager four years ago. I am currently a Senior Manager and from fall I will be working as a Director. Highlights from this time include taking part in the first Accelerate program, working in one of our largest international projects, where I managed the IT team consisting of more than 40 people, and in particular my admission to the Director track, even though I was already pregnant at that time. I was profoundly impressed by the confidence the management team placed in me. It showed me that I was on the right path with my ideas and approaches to solutions, that I bring added value to KPMG and that I am taken seriously as a woman and a mother-to-be, which unfortunately is not a given in every company.


Who or what has given you particular support on your path?
My boss and Performance Manager, the entire management team, our HR and also the entire team of Management Consulting with whom I work. Success is not the product of an individual, but always a collective effort. I see my success as the success of the team.


How does KPMG help you combine your private and professional lives?
The consulting business is inherently challenging and demands a high degree of flexibility. KPMG supports me in various aspects so that I can do my best in these circumstances. Active coaching develops my ability to take an even greater collaborative role in this dynamic environment. However, it is also very important that my concerns regarding the compatibility of career and family are taken seriously. I am looking forward to starting again with fresh ideas after my maternity leave.


Which career goals would you like to achieve?
I have two goals in sight.

My primary goal is to better familiarize our clients with our innovative solutions in the field of data management. We support companies in optimizing the potential of their data, which is particularly important in an increasingly digitalized world.

My other goal is to build up an effective team of specialists who can provide the best possible services to our clients in the field of data management and address their needs on an individual level.


What is your management style?
Open, honest and transparent communication is very important to me and forms the basis of a solid collaboration. Client focus, quality and mutual support are values that I want the team to embody. It is my responsibility to give exciting assignments, encourage active cooperation and cooperative thinking while at the same time allowing my colleagues the necessary freedom. I endeavor to ensure that employees are continuously developing, taking into consideration both their personal and team objectives.


What tips can you offer for successfully navigating the professional world?
It is essential to trust yourself, but also your network and the people around you. Being able to critique yourself and reflect on your actions, as well as open and honest communication with your peers, are central to this. It is also just as important to regularly take a step back and look at the bigger picture.