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Our people: Dominic

Our people: Dominic

Manager – Read about Dominic's daily business as a specialist for information risk management in the Audit department.

Read about Dominic's daily business as a specialist for information risk management.

Our people: Dominic

Could you summarize your activities in KPMG’s Audit department in a couple of sentences?
In the IT Audit, or more specifically, in the Technology Assurance team, we perform audits on IT security and IT risk management on site at our clients’ premises. The idea is to identify and assess weak spots in IT business processes at our clients. For instance, the work may include the definition and implementation of an IT strategy, the introduction of an ERP system or the certification of certain aspects.


How were your first days at KPMG?
Everybody was very kind to me and always took time to answer any questions I had. My colleagues took me along on projects from the get-go and I was put to work immediately. This allowed me to assume responsibility early on.

“I was already invited to attend client meetings and was given responsibility for a part of the job in my very first week.”


What do you find inspiring about your job and which tasks do you find especially attractive?
I love the diversity of the job - every day is different! Repetition is rare, and I often work on separate projects simultaneously I am pretty flexible with my time management, depending on the engagement, of course. Apart from that, good performance is honored and you can assume more responsibility quickly.


What do you perceive to be your biggest challenge in your job? How do you handle it?
On the one hand, working on different projects is super inspiring but also makes it challenging. Often, there are client requests that come up that had not been planned for but which need to be addressed urgently. This means having to fulfill the expectations of various persons, which means that you often have to shift priorities, sometimes on a daily basis!

“I quickly learnt how to structure my work, set priorities and to communicate if a deadline was a bit too ambitious.”


What are your chances to continue your education at KPMG and what does your career plan look like?
We are allowed to attend external as well as internal training, which is tailored to our individual needs. Just recently, I got certified as a “Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)“, which is a highly recognized certification in the technology assurance environment. Next, I will attend a five-day course in Rotterdam, where I will get training in SAP.

“KPMG offers me the possibility to get training by supporting me with time and money.”


What kind of qualifications and characteristics should you have in order to feel at home in KPMG’s Technology Assurance?
What is super-important is an IT background or at least a really good understanding of the basic processes of IT systems. At a more general level, you should be communicative and an excellent team player. Moreover, it is important to speak English well since so many of our teams and projects are very international.

“Ambition, flexibility and an eagerness to keep on learning are important characteristics if you wish to start in the Technology Assurance team.”