Our people: Calvin

Our people: Calvin

Assistant Manager Audit – Calvin shares some insights of his journey and personal development at KPMG US and Switzerland.

Assistant Manager Audit – Calvin shares some insights of his exciting journey at KPMG.

Calvin Leung

How would you describe your career at KPMG until now? Which were the key moments?
I started my career in the US and one of the first milestones was when I got licensed to become a Certified Public Accountant. The following year was my first step to a professional career in Audit and Accounting. From then on, I was working for KPMG in the US. The next big step was moving halfway across the world and transferring over to KPMG Switzerland in May 2019. One of my colleagues who I had worked within the US, had already transferred over to KPMG Switzerland and told me that they were looking for people. Lucky me, I got the job I applied for!

How would you describe the work culture at KPMG?
KPMG wants us to benefit for life and continuously invests in us to help us learn, grow and realize our potential. There is an atmosphere of productivity, open feedback and team spirit. We’re encouraged to have creative ideas and be courageous. I recently got to participate in an internal photo and video shoot surrounding this topic: “Dare to do” – which is what we live by. In addition, we’re flexible in terms of how and when we work which gives us the freedom to manage our work and personal priorities. I would say, KPMG is providing us with the right environment to be happy, creative and perform at our best.

What do you find most fascinating about your job?
Working in Audit has always been, and will always be, challenging. I started with little knowledge and even less experience. What I realize now, is how much I’ve learnt in such a short time at KPMG. There is such a wide variety of clients, covering so many different processes and backgrounds. You never do the same thing twice, and you have to keep up with the fast pace. It’s sink or swim. This means that you can grow and progress through the company extremely fast, and working for KPMG has been a significant enrichment for myself and my career. You join and gain for life! Every day I get the chance to dive deeper into the concepts of accounting – particularly the technical parts. KPMG supports me in getting a better understanding of the client’s process as a whole.

How did you make it this far in your job?
Of course with a great thirst for knowledge and perseverance. I have now been working with KPMG for five years and I have never stopped learning and improving. The company continuously offers me the ideal environment to advance my career – through both the projects I am involved with, but also with the people I work with. They are very encouraging and supportive. KPMG is an environment where there’s room for questions and time to answer them. I feel that we share the same values. I appreciate that.

How does KPMG help you realize your full potential?
At KPMG, we dare to speak openly and honestly. There’s always an opportunity to talk directly to people about my ambitions and future plans. I experienced it back in the US, and now it’s the same here in Switzerland. When I talked to my Audit Partner about moving to Switzerland, he really advocated getting me over here. He believed in me and even though he lost a valuable assistant, he still saw it as a benefit because I stayed within the company. My Performance Manager here at KPMG Switzerland is highly interested in which industry I want to go into, which client I’d like to work for and so on. I’d say it’s important to unfold one’s full potential.