Our people: Benedikt

Our people: Benedikt

Senior Manager Deal Technology – Benedikt is working in the Advisory Deal Technology team and transforms the way clients work with data.

Benedikt leads the data transformation for important M&A projects.

Our people: Benedikt

Can you explain the activities in Deal Technology in two to three sentences?
In Deal Technology we transform the way we work with data in the Deal Advisory space. When it comes to M&A transactions we often have access to large amounts of data. We prepare, structure and summarize the data and then visualize it so that it is easily understandable. We come up with innovative and efficient solutions on how to optimize the use of this data both for our clients and for us. For a practical insight have a look at our service offerings and our Tableau public dashboards.

“We prepare, structure and summarize the data and then visualize it so that it is easily understandable.”


How did you grow your network at KPMG?
Since Deal Technology works with many different teams both within Deal Advisory and across KPMG I have quickly built up a great network of likeminded people across the organization that I enjoy spending time with not only in a professional setting but also in a social context. In the Deal Technology space the most important way we can learn is to learn from each other. This is why we are working closely together with KPMG in other countries as well as technology and deal professionals across KPMG to continuously exchange ideas and experiences.

What qualifications and characteristics do students need to bring along to feel comfortable in Deal Technology at KPMG?
You don’t need a computer science background to join the Deal Technology team. We are looking for talented people with analytical skills, who have a passion for technology and for M&A. The most important thing is that you have a curiosity around technology and transactions and that you feel comfortable working in a collaborative setting where every day is different.

Working in a deal environment also means that sometimes you have to put in the hours to get the project done. However, I think that by working with great people you manage to have fun even when you are super busy. Also, our ways of working are very flexible in terms of how and when we work. This means, that we manage our own time and can take some time off after work-intensive periods.