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Our people: Althéa

Our people: Althéa

Assistant Manager Global Mobility Services – Althéa talks about our company culture and her experience working at KPMG.

Althéa talks about our company culture and her experience working at KPMG.

Portrait of Althea Tripod

How did you get involved with KPMG and what made you decide to join us?
Following my university studies, I applied as a team assistant for KPMG’s tax department in Neuchâtel. Although it was only a 6-month contract, I saw an opportunity to grow and realize my potential. And I was right: I was offered a permanent contract and have been promoted multiple times since then.


"With KPMG, I found an employer that reflects my values and allows me to keep surpassing myself."


Anything you were positively surprised about when you first started?
I was positively surprised about the large number of females in management roles in my department, from Assistant Managers up to Partners. It shows that KPMG is committed to empowering both, men and women to grow their career.

What are, in your view, the greatest benefits of working for KPMG?
In our daily business, we work with colleagues from all over the world. This offers us the chance to expand our knowledge and create a worldwide network which is a gain for life. Apart from that, we are provided with a wealth of learning and development opportunities.

How does KPMG support you to learn and grow?
KPMG has recently launched a digital learning platform which gives us the opportunity to learn flexibly and develop our skills in areas that make us future-ready. On a team level, we have regular lunch & learn sessions, as well as technical trainings. Next to internal training programs, KPMG even supports us with external education linked to our area of expertise.

"Working at KPMG, I have the feeling that I get new challenges every day that lead to continuous learning."

Anything else you would like to highlight about the work culture?
KPMG is committed to maximize people’s potential and establish lifelong relationships. We really feel listened to, not only by our managers, but also by top management. A next generation board – which I am part of – has recently been established to share innovative ideas with the Executive Committee. It shows that the firm values and respects constructive input from its people.

What is your personal career highlight at KPMG?
I’m proud of having had the opportunity to go on a 3-month assignment to Glasgow where I worked for the U.K. Technology team within Global Mobility Services. I did not only discover a new country but became aware of the variety of assignments KPMG has on offer.

What would you say to someone who is not sure if he/ she should apply to KPMG?
At KPMG, you will become part of a dynamic team with amazing people. It is an atmosphere of high productivity, open feedback and team spirit. You will have the possibility to manage your own work schedule by choosing where and when you work. And you will never stop learning and improving. At KPMG, we are looking for people with a courageous mindset. So, if you are bold enough to take on new challenges and ready to realize your potential, welcome to KPMG!