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Are you an experienced professional making a comeback to the workplace after an extended career break? We help talented and motivated people like you to make a smooth transition back into the business world of professional services.

How we help kick-start your career comeback:

  • Open up on-the-job and off-the-job learning opportunities to refresh your technical and non-technical skills
  • Plan a comprehensive onboarding and further training depending on your needs
  • Give you access to a big network of specialists
  • Allow you to work full-time or part-time (minimum 70%)
  • Diverse roles based in Zurich
  • Duration of 6 months

We are looking for experienced female and male professionals:

  • Who have been out of business for several years (e.g. for parenting, elderly care, voluntary work, etc.) and want to boost their employability
  • Who are eager to get back into the business world in their previous field of expertise and in a client facing role
  • Who are ready to invest 6 months as an experienced intern in order to upskill their technical and non-technical competencies (compensation according to internship standards)

Dare to benefit for life!

The KPMG Returnship is a great opportunity to transition back into the workplace and to focus on growing your career for the future.

It is designed to serve as a door opener or a bridge. You can explore your options on completion – you might be considered for a permanent position at KPMG depending on the business need, or indeed use the experience and network to move on elsewhere.

Applying for the KPMG Returnship is just like applying for any other job at KPMG. The KPMG Returnship will start in September/October.

Visit to find your Returnship.

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