Not for everyone. But for you?

KPMG is for those who dare to do. We’re continuously pushing boundaries. Our courage tells us when to stand by our convictions, and when the time has come to move on. We’ve always acknowledged that we’re the sum of our people who come together as equals.

In today’s culture of choice, it’s important to be true to yourself. To thrive, you need your talents, develop your skills, make bold decisions and seek purpose in your work. Get a feel for who we are, what we do, what we value and what life at KPMG is all about.

Dare to build lifelong relationships

Kick off your KPMG journey with an interactive Welcome Day designed to help you settle in and get into our vibe. We may not all act or look the same but we all share the same drive. Whether you work in the office or directly on site for our clients, we connect people – in Switzerland and internationally. Working at KPMG, you’ll build a powerful network that’s inspired by a commitment to great work. From day one at a KPMG office to attending an alumni event as a former employee, you’ll build personal and professional connections that last a lifetime.

Dare to gain for life

Talent isn’t tied to age, gender or work experience, meet at eye-level and team up with experts of all backgrounds who will help you reach your full potential. We freely share our knowledge with each other. By fostering mentorships we nurture reciprocal relations where everybody gains. This empowers colleagues to take charge of their own career.

At KPMG we never stop learning and improving. We develop our employees through internal trainings, on-the-job coaching and digital learning. With new technologies and digitalization of the business world, we’re aware that the skills needed in today’s labor market could be outdated in just a couple of years. So, stay curious and get ready to learn. We’ll set you up with the mix of skills you’ll need to succeed in the future workplace.

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Dare to break new ground

Courage is the driver of change. We welcome fresh ideas, new voices and unconventional thinking. KPMG is a place where experience meets excitement. Get ready for an informal work environment where people meet as equals and hierarchies don’t hold you back. We challenge each other, share insights and cultivate reverse mentoring. So together we rise above the status quo. Trust your initiative, share your ideas and speak up. Click here and find out more about our practice areas.

Dare to go the extra mile

We do what matters, when it matters. KPMG cultivates a results-based work environment by emphasizing authenticity and approachability. On the other side we want our people to lead happy, healthy lifestyles. We provide you with flexibility in terms of when you work. If you feel like going for a bike ride, go for it. At the same time, you’re not afraid of cycling the extra mile to deliver real value to our teams and our clients. Click here to read more about life at KPMG.

Dare to direct your own KPMG journey

Think of us as a network of shared expertise. We leave room for self-starters and empower our people in different phases of their life to transition into new, exciting roles. We’ll connect you with talented people and teams anywhere in the world. Whether you want to support a specific client or assignment, assume a new role in a different department or simply work in another culture, we’ll get you there. Discover your unique personality type with the Career Pathfinder quiz and find out where KPMG could take you.

Dare to do

At KPMG, we share the courage to go after our goals and aim high. Working with us, you’ll face new challenges every day and will be rewarded with a steep learning and development curve. We encourage fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. Your opinion matters, no matter your age, job grade or background. So let’s hear what you have to say.

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