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We’re continuously pushing boundaries. Our courage tells us when to stand by our convictions, and when the time has come to move on. We’ve always acknowledged that we’re the sum of our people who come together as equals.

Dare to go the extra mile

We do what matters, when it matters. Sometimes, we leave early. Sometimes we work late. No matter when, what or how: This is team-spirit. We share ideas, insights, even our pizzas, and of course, success. We foster a mindset of empowering each other both professionally and personally. That’s what allows us to deliver real value in everything we do. 

Dare to gain for life

Whether you work in the office or directly on site for our clients, we connect people – in Switzerland and internationally. Working at KPMG, you’ll build a powerful network that’s inspired by a commitment to great work. You never know, one day, you might be ordering dinner for your former team mate, now a client, and someone you share a lifetime connection with.

Dare to break new ground

At KPMG, you’re not just a number working quietly at your desk. Your opinion matters, no matter your age, job grade or background. We encourage fresh ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. So let’s hear what you have to say. Challenge the status quo with us and find the courage to surpass yourself. We’ll empower you with the right environment and learning opportunities.

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Where to start

It’s not just about doing interesting work, it’s about making every day count. No matter your expertise, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real impact and use your unique skills. For those who dare to do, KPMG is the right place to embark on a fulfilling career.

Our vibe

In today’s culture of choice, it’s important to be true to yourself. To thrive, you need your talents, develop your skills, make bold decisions and seek purpose in your work. Get a feel for who we are, what we do, what we value and what life at KPMG is all about.

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Dare to build lifelong relationships

Kick off your KPMG journey with an interactive Welcome Day designed to help you settle in and get into our vibe. We may not all act or look the same but we all share the same drive. From walking into our offices for the first time to attending an alumni event as a former employee, you’ll build personal and professional connections that last a lifetime.

Icon of a growing plant

Dare to grow

Never stop learning and improving. We develop our employees through internal trainings, on-the-job coaching and digital learning. With new technologies and digitalization of the business world, we’re aware that the skills needed in today’s labor market could be outdated in just a couple of years. So, stay curious and get ready to learn. We’ll set you up with the mix of skills you’ll need to succeed in the future workplace.

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Dare to challenge

Get ready for an informal work environment where people meet as equals and hierarchies don’t hold you back. KPMG is a place where experience meets excitement. We’re open to new ideas and challenge each other with integrity and open minds. From performance managers to mentors and buddies, we’ll team you up with individuals who encourage you to speak up, share your ideas and step outside your comfort zone.

Icon showing a journey and a destination

Dare to direct your own KPMG journey

Think of us as a network of shared expertise. We leave room for self-starters and empower our people in different phases of their life to transition into new, exciting roles. We’ll connect you with talented people and teams anywhere in the world. Whether you want to support a specific client or assignment, assume a new role in a different department or simply work in another culture, we’ll get you there.

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Further information

Maybe you have concrete ideas about where your personal journey should take you. Maybe you want to embrace all that life brings with an open mind. At KPMG, we’re driven by passion and purpose. Thrive in our culture of collaboration, mentoring and diversity.