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Tech Advisory Career

Tech Advisory Career

What do we do as Technology Advisors?
In technology advisory, we work with clients to help them optimize the way they use technology and improve business performance. As technology rapidly evolves, this field of work is becoming particularly important to ensure the future growth of a company. At KPMG, we provide expertise in the areas of cyber security, data & analytics, digital transformation, enterprise applications and technology assurance. In order to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute advice based on the latest industry knowledge, we stay at the cutting edge of technological development.

Which teams can I start my career with?

Technology Assurance Corporates: A highly specialized team for a highly specialized area: our Technology Assurance Corporates team focuses on auditing and consulting in the field of IT. We combine auditing expertise with state-of-the-art technology, providing domestic and international corporate clients with innovative new solutions. Our team’s expertise covers everything from data analytics to robotics, GRC services and AI. We stay at the cutting edge of technological development in order to provide clients with up-to-the-minute advice based on the latest industry knowledge.

Technology Assurance Financial Services: Technology has become an indispensable part of our clients’ operations – but it carries with it major risks. This has been repeatedly reflected in highly publicized security breaches, system failures, legal and compliance violations and cases of fraud. Our Technology Assurance Financial Services team helps identify and prevent IT breakdowns and, if they do occur, assists with resolving them. We also optimize clients’ use of technology and data and combat technology-related risks, increasing our clients’ security and restoring their faith in their technological systems.

Cyber Security: Digital security has become a top priority for businesses in every sector. Our Cyber Security team offers a comprehensive range of data protection services, enabling clients to identify and mitigate their data security risks. We work with KPMG’s technology experts to improve companies’ resilience to cyber-attacks and carry out risk assessments and impact analyses. We are at the cutting edge of contemporary digital developments, building the defenses required to withstand the ever-changing tactics of modern-day hackers.

Data & Analytics: Data analytics may seem like just another modern technology buzzword, but its impact for businesses is huge. Our Data & Analytics team assists clients with building business intelligence and predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions based on the latest data processing methodologies, from Big Data to machine learning and AI. We work with businesses across all industries and domains, enabling them to use their data effectively, automate their processes efficiently, and even develop new data-based products and services.

Digital Transformation: The world is changing – and businesses need to keep pace. Our Digital Transformation team is here to make sure our clients stay ahead of the curve. We work closely with companies to find the right technology strategy for them, providing expert advice on IT transformation and emerging technologies, and ensuring clients reach their full digital potential. Our technology consultants are at the forefront of the digital developments that are defining modern business, and know how to make IT a success factor, not a cost factor.

Enterprise Applications: Enterprise Applications is all about making sure that businesses get the most out of their ERP transformations. We support clients from a range of industries in establishing large-scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes and ensuring a smooth transition to the next generation of digital systems. This includes developing structures and business processes that are defined and assisted by ERP systems like SAP. We are uniquely placed to offer expert advice thanks to our in-depth understanding of both business and IT.

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