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Tax & Legal Advisory

Tax & Legal Advisory

What do we do as tax advisors?
At KPMG, we use our real-world experience and technical knowledge to provide advice on complex tax issues. We advise our clients on how to best execute business strategies, projects and transactions in a tax-appropriate manner. Tax and legal advisory services are largely driven by global tax competition as well as both regulatory and political efforts to promote tax transparency. Our understanding of regulatory requirements is outstanding, as is our methodical approach to all tax services. We also develop our own tools, technologies and processes to help our clients optimize their tax situation within Swiss and international regulatory frameworks by anticipating what tomorrow brings and delivering already today.

What does the average day look like?
Every day as a tax advisor can be completely different to the last, which is what makes it such an exciting place to work. You would typically work on three to four different clients each day. You will be in direct contact with your clients and find yourself researching and applying tax legislation by yourself but also working in teams and seeking guidance from a manager or partner where necessary.

What will I learn as a career starter?
The first year is all about learning the ropes of tax and the KPMG way to do it. You will join as a Consultant and undergo a four-year, part-time program to qualify as a Swiss Certified Tax Expert. Or you will join in the Graduate Program Global Mobility Services where the certification as Tax Expert is optional.

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