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Tax & Legal Advisory Career

Tax & Legal Advisory Career

What do we do as Tax Advisors?
At KPMG, we use our real-world experience and technical knowledge to provide advice on complex tax issues. We advise our clients on how to best execute business strategies, projects and transactions in a tax-appropriate manner. Tax and legal advisory services are largely driven by global tax competition as well as both regulatory and political efforts to promote tax transparency. Our understanding of regulatory requirements is outstanding, as is our methodical approach to all tax services. We also develop our own tools, technologies and processes to help our clients optimize their tax situation within Swiss and international regulatory frameworks by anticipating what tomorrow brings and delivering already today.

Which teams can I start my career with?

Corporate Tax: When it comes to the complex world of corporate tax, there’s nothing our team can’t handle. KPMG’s Corporate Tax experts provide specialist advice on all things tax-related, from compliance and accounting to tax technology and risk management. Our team is a one-stop shop for everything from business strategy to the supply chain and from M&A to real estate, offering companies comprehensive legal and operational tax support. We resolve domestic and cross-border tax queries and advise clients on issues ranging from BEPS and TRAF to salary payments and expenses.

Financial Services Tax: Our Financial Services Tax team is dedicated to helping financial service providers navigate the complex tax issues specific to their field of business. Whether it’s financing, structuring or acquisitions, issuing financial products, financial transactions or cross-border financial services, we provide up-to-the-minute tax advice for banks, brokers and asset managers. Our dedicated team also assists financial institutions in preparing tax reporting schedules and ensuring QI, FATCA and CRS compliance, in addition to offering a full range of tax litigation services.

Global Mobility Services: Our Global Mobility Services team helps companies move their employees around the world. We provide advice to international clients on how their mobile employees are taxed, how they are compensated, and how they and their employees comply with income tax and social security laws. Our team provides and develops cutting edge technology, global policies and clear processes to efficiently manage globally mobile populations. We are a multinational, multilingual and multidisciplinary team that is recognized as a global leader in Global Mobility and continues to push the bar.

Value Added Tax: Whatever the industry, our Value-Added Tax (VAT) team is here to provide clients with the solutions they need to operate efficiently. We help both domestic and international clients to develop VAT strategies and form action plans, from improving internal workflows to mitigating risks and cutting expenses. We keep clients up to date on VAT reforms and changes to regulations to make sure they are always on top of the current legislation. Our VAT team also provides comprehensive legal representation, taking clients’ cases as far as the Swiss Federal Supreme Court if required.

Trade & Customs: When two or more global companies are involved in a trade deal, things can get complicated fast. Our Trade & Customs team is here to make sure everything runs smoothly, however complex the deal. We take an interdisciplinary approach to optimizing clients’ cross-border transactions, developing compliance structures and strategies that mesh with the company’s tax approach. We work with clients to devise standardized, automated global processes that lower trade costs and ensure transactions take place without a hitch. We also provide full legal representation where necessary.

International Private Client Services: The International Private Client Services team specializes in advising high-net-worth individuals on managing their assets effectively. We offer assistance with relocations – whether for the individuals themselves, their families or their financial structures – and when it comes to structuring income and assets, including real estate and luxury goods. We also provide expert advice on tax-efficient investment and estate planning, including preparing and executing wills – ensuring our private clients have the support they need for every stage of their wealth management.

Global Transfer Pricing Services: Multinationals from all sectors turn to our Global Transfer Pricing team for advice on transactions between group companies. Our team specializes in designing, documenting and implementing transfer pricing strategies, all while ensuring that clients comply with international tax requirements. We also work with our clients to create business models that take their value chain into account. Our team stays at the cutting edge of international transfer pricing developments – ensuring our clients can, too.

Legal: With KPMG Legal, we have assembled a flexible group of experts who excel in both Swiss and international law across a broad range of practice areas, covering corporate law and Mergers and Acquisitions, compliance, labor law as well as immigration services all the way to high-net-worth individuals, succession planning, foundations and trusts. Our KPMG Legal team collaborates with other KPMG teams across the country and the globe to deliver comprehensive, cross-border legal advice.

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