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Financial Services Career

Financial Services Career

What do we do in Financial Services?
The financial services sector rarely stands still. But even by its own fast-paced standards, it is currently undergoing an unprecedented transformation. From digitization to macro-economic uncertainty. From customers’ changing behaviors to disruptive new technologies and market entrants. And ever-evolving regulations that add to the cost and complexity of compliance.

Financial Services follows and analyzes current events in the banking, investment management and the insurance sectors, assisting our clients as auditors or as advisors. We work in interdisciplinary teams and have close links both nationally and internationally.


Which teams can I start my career with? 

Business and Finance Transformation Financial Services: Our Business and Finance Transformation Financial Services team ensures that companies can continue to operate successfully in an increasingly complex environment. From regulation to digitalization, businesses are facing a host of new challenges every day, and our experts guide them in defining and applying new strategies and transformation projects. We work with companies to adjust their business and operating models and implement growth or cost reduction initiatives as required – equipping them to take on whatever the future holds.

Risk Management Financial Services: Our Risk Management Financial Services team has been offering financial service providers in Switzerland and abroad support and advice for many years. We work with clients on a variety of advisory and assurance topics, focusing on risk, capital and asset/liability management and regulatory compliance. Not only do we help businesses measure, monitor and manage their financial and non-financial risks, we also offer them insight into these areas and give them the tools to make informed decisions.

Technology Assurance Financial Services: Technology has become an indispensable part of our clients’ operations – but it carries with it major risks. This has been repeatedly reflected in highly publicized security breaches, system failures, legal and compliance violations and cases of fraud. Our Technology Assurance Financial Services team helps identify and prevent IT breakdowns and, if they do occur, assists with resolving them. We also optimize clients’ use of technology and data and combat technology-related risks, increasing our clients’ security and restoring their faith in their technological systems.

Deal Advisory Financial Services: KPMG’s Deal Advisory Financial Services team are the ultimate M&A experts. From entire company groups to individual departments or portfolios, we will see your M&A project through from start to finish. We act as lead advisor, from the definition of investment or sales strategies to valuations, due diligence and chairing negotiations, all the way to integration or separation. Our team is also well-versed in market exits, wind-downs and liquidations. Whatever the M&A scenario, we’ll help carry out the transaction as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Audit Banking and Asset Management: Our Audit Banking and Asset Management team are experts in auditing for financial entities, providing banks, capital investment companies, fund management companies and securities dealers with on-point auditing services according to both Swiss and international standards. In addition, we also review business processes and controlling systems for our clients. Regulatory, in-depth and special audits are all within the team’s scope, and we cover consolidated and stand-alone financial statements as required.

Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance: It’s no secret that compliance can be complicated – even for the most experienced financial service providers. Compliance isn’t just about conforming to regulations; it’s about embedding them in the corporate culture. Our Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance experts are there to make sure this happens. We establish structures that prevent possible infringements before they ever occur, and if they do, we ensure that they are handled professionally. Our team is made up of a diverse mix of lawyers, economists and auditors with specialized compliance expertise. 

Audit Insurance: Our Audit Insurance team is dedicated to audits in the insurance sector. We cover consolidated and annual financial statements governed by Swiss and international accounting standards from both a financial reporting and regulatory perspective, including verifying compliance with FINMA’s stringent regulatory requirements. In addition to in-depth and special audits, our Audit Insurance experts also provide comprehensive advisory services for non-audit clients in the areas of accounting, compliance, risk management and the re-orientation of target operating models.

Actuarial and Insurance Risk Consulting: From life insurance to property and casualty insurance, health insurance and re-insurance services – we have the right expertise for any and every insurance client. Our Actuarial and Insurance Risk Consulting team shows insurance companies how to optimize their business models, enabling them to stay competitive and compliant in a complex market. We also offer expert advice on the implementation of enterprise risk management (ERM) systems, new accounting principles, reserving processes and solvency regulations, in addition to assisting with the work of the KPMG audit team.

Financial Services Tax: Our Financial Services Tax team is dedicated to helping financial service providers navigate the complex tax issues specific to their field of business. Whether it’s financing, structuring or acquisitions, issuing financial products, financial transactions or cross-border financial services, we provide up-to-the-minute tax advice for banks, brokers and asset managers. Our dedicated team also assists financial institutions in preparing tax reporting schedules and ensuring QI, FATCA and CRS compliance, in addition to offering a full range of tax litigation services.

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