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Financial Services

Financial Services

What do we do in Financial Services?
The financial services sector rarely stands still. But even by its own fast-paced standards, it is currently undergoing an unprecedented transformation. From digitization to macro-economic uncertainty. From customers’ changing behaviors to disruptive new technologies and market entrants. And ever-evolving regulations that add to the cost and complexity of compliance.

Financial Services follows and analyzes current events in the banking, investment management and the insurance sectors, assisting our clients as auditors or as advisors. We work in interdisciplinary teams and have close links both nationally and internationally.

What does the average day look like?
There is definitely no average day in Financial Services. As sustainable business requires continuous innovation, rethinking business and operating models, adapting strategies, optimizing processes by using digital labor, and better understanding customers’ needs you will be working on new and exciting topics every day.

What will I learn as a career starter?
Financial Services has a wide range of topics and opportunities, so the first year you will be continuously building your knowledge and the way KPMG ticks. Your further development in a specific subject matter will depend on your skills and your individual career plan.

  • When working in Audit Banking & Asset Management and Audit Insurance you will start out as an Assistant and spend the next three or four years in a part-time program to become a Swiss Certified Public Accountant. 
  • Should you join in Financial Services Tax you will start out as a Consultant and undergo a four-year, part-time program to qualify as a Swiss Certified Tax Expert. 
  • In Actuarial & Insurance Risk Consulting, you will start out as a Consultant and qualify as an Actuary SAV.

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