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What do we do in audit?
As auditors at KPMG, we don’t just look at figures – we also consider information and security requirements. We support companies with specific services that go well beyond the actual audit of their financial statements. KPMG’s audit practice assists clients to fulfill their strategic and operational objectives through the provision of audit and assurance services. We provide independent opinions, which support the integrity and accuracy of client information and also enhance its credibility when issued in the public domain. Additionally we help our clients identify errors and incidences of non-compliance in internal information and controls and opportunities to improve their systems and processes.
Our auditors’ commitment to quality, service, and integrity is key to their success, and ours.

What does the average day look like?
What makes audit practices so exciting is the unpredictability and variety that our people encounter each day, so there really isn’t a ‘typical day’. Generally you’ll be juggling a wide range of responsibilities like client management. You may also work closely with the Data & Analytics, Technology Assurance and Technology & Innovation teams around technical issues.

What will I learn as a career starter?
You will learn a lot! We do so much more than just audit, so you will be learning about your clients, what they do and understanding the many ways that KPMG can help them. In Audit Corporates, Audit Banking & Asset Management and Audit Insurance, you will start out as an Assistant and spend the next three or four years in a part-time program to become a Swiss Certified Public Accountant.

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