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Audit Career

Audit Career

What do we do in Audit?
As auditors at KPMG, we don’t just look at figures – we also consider information and security requirements. We support companies with specific services that go well beyond the actual audit of their financial statements. KPMG’s audit practice assists clients to fulfill their strategic and operational objectives through the provision of audit and assurance services. We provide independent opinions, which support the integrity and accuracy of client information and also enhance its credibility when issued in the public domain. Additionally we help our clients identify errors and incidences of non-compliance in internal information and controls and opportunities to improve their systems and processes.
Our auditors’ commitment to quality, service, and integrity is key to their success, and ours.

Which teams can I start my career with?

Audit Corporates: However large or small the company, whatever the sector and the applicable standards, our Audit Corporates team has the expertise our clients need. From SMEs to major Swiss-registered multinationals, our experts audit consolidated and stand-alone financial statements under both Swiss and international accounting standards. Audit Corporates also includes a dedicated Government and Healthcare specializing in auditing hospitals, non-profit organizations and public entities, and a US Accounting and Reporting Group that handles auditing governed by GAAP, overseen by PCAOB.

Audit Banking and Asset Management: Our Audit Banking and Asset Management team are experts in auditing for financial entities, providing banks, capital investment companies, fund management companies and securities dealers with on-point auditing services according to both Swiss and international standards. In addition, we also review business processes and controlling systems for our clients. Regulatory, in-depth and special audits are all within the team’s scope, and we cover consolidated and stand-alone financial statements as required.

Audit Insurance: Our Audit Insurance team is dedicated to audits in the insurance sector. We cover consolidated and annual financial statements governed by Swiss and international accounting standards from both a financial reporting and regulatory perspective, including verifying compliance with FINMA’s stringent regulatory requirements. In addition to in-depth and special audits, our Audit Insurance experts also provide comprehensive advisory services for non-audit clients in the areas of accounting, compliance, risk management and the re-orientation of target operating models.

Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance: Our Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services unit (IARCS) is on hand when companies from a wide range of industries have to arrange challenging audits, giving them the tools they need to prepare. IARCS assists with reviewing and establishing internal auditing procedures, including designing and introducing risk management and compliance structures and internal control systems. We ensure companies adhere to the stringent requirements while achieving the maximum possible efficiency.

Technology Assurance Corporates: A highly specialized team for a highly specialized area: our Technology Assurance Corporates team focuses on auditing and consulting in the field of IT. We combine auditing expertise with state-of-the-art technology, providing domestic and international corporate clients with innovative new solutions. Our team’s expertise covers everything from data analytics to robotics, GRC services and AI. We stay at the cutting edge of technological development in order to provide clients with up-to-the-minute advice based on the latest industry knowledge.

Technology Assurance Financial Services: Technology has become an indispensable part of our clients’ operations – but it carries with it major risks. This has been repeatedly reflected in highly publicized security breaches, system failures, legal and compliance violations and cases of fraud. Our Technology Assurance Financial Services team helps identify and prevent IT breakdowns and, if they do occur, assists with resolving them. We also optimize clients’ use of technology and data and combat technology-related risks, increasing our clients’ security and restoring their faith in their technological systems.

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