Deal Advisory Career

Deal Advisory Career

What do we do as Deal Advisors?

Together with our clients, we break new ground. From the development of a strategy to its successful implementation, KPMG supports clients in all phases of local and global transactions and restructuring projects. Our deal advisors see transactions through an investor’s lens and help drive our client’s success during the entire lifecyle, prior to, during and after strategic projects.


Which teams can I start my career with?

Diligence Services: When it comes to company sales and acquisitions, our Diligence Services Team is on hand to support clients from a range of industries in analyzing company information across all areas. The insights from our due diligence let us help clients negotiate an advantageous sale or purchase price, mitigate any risks and implement their strategic goals. We make sure our clients get the deal that’s best for them – and their stakeholders – in accordance with their overarching strategies.

Global Strategy Group: Our Global Strategy Group assists industrial corporations, mid-size companies and international private equity firms with developing sustainable, quantifiable strategy solutions. We provide support from establishing negotiation concepts through to implementation. While we cover strategic projects aimed at organic growth or operative changes within a company, we also have a particular focus on M&A transactions. Our consulting services range from initial strategic considerations to the integration or separation of the target business.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Our M&A team accompanies clients through the entire transaction process. We start by reviewing the portfolio strategy and then use this to define and implement targets, whether through company sales, acquisitions, mergers or partnerships. When it comes to implementation, we provide support from the evaluation of strategic options through to company assessments, the selection of the right buyer or acquisition, negotiations and the conclusion of the sale agreement. We also coordinate legal and tax issues and conduct financial due diligence.

Valuation & Financial Modelling: Our Valuation Team are masters in the art and science of valuation. We calculate the value and price of companies and assets in the context of M&A transactions, joint venture foundations and restructurings, and in the case of disputes. Our daily work involves assessing value drivers and risks, creating complex financial models and implementing state-of-the-art evaluation methods. We act as either consultants or independent appraisers as required – whatever the project needs, we deliver.

Restructuring: With expert guidance from our Restructuring team, companies can overcome strategic, revenue and liquidity crises and come out safely on the other side. We advise businesses on the development, planning and implementation of restructuring measures so they can move forward into a stable future. This includes negotiating with banks, lessors, suppliers and investors. We also advise successful companies and investors on dealing with suppliers or business partners who have run into difficulties, and when it comes to investments in companies in crisis.

Real Estate: Whatever the question, our Real Estate team has the answer. Our property experts stay on top of the constant shifts in the real estate market, and can provide advice on any economic, legal or tax issues that might arise for investors or property owners. We provide optimal solutions when it comes to real estate transactions and evaluations and real estate consulting mandates, whether in the form of independent projects (asset deals) or in the context of M&A transactions (share deals).

Deal Advisory Financial Services: KPMG’s Deal Advisory Financial Services team are the ultimate M&A experts. From entire company groups to individual departments or portfolios, we will see your M&A project through from start to finish. We act as lead advisor, from the definition of investment or sales strategies to valuations, due diligence and chairing negotiations, all the way to integration or separation. Our team is also well-versed in market exits, wind-downs and liquidations. Whatever the M&A scenario, we’ll help carry out the transaction as efficiently and effectively as possible.