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Consulting Career

Consulting Career

What do we do as Consultants?

In consulting we help our clients to continuously increase their efficiency and make them strong players in the markets they compete in. Using the latest technologies, KPMG consultants help clients identify and solve challenges to maximize their growth, reduce costs and turn risks into advantage. We dare to challenge the status quo and go the extra mile.


Which teams can I start my career with?

Digital Transformation: The world is changing – and businesses need to keep pace. Our Digital Transformation team is here to make sure our clients stay ahead of the curve. We work closely with companies to find the right technology strategy for them, providing expert advice on IT transformation and emerging technologies, and ensuring clients reach their full digital potential. Our technology consultants are at the forefront of the digital developments that are defining modern business, and know how to make IT a success factor, not a cost factor.

Supply Chain Management Operations: When it comes to making critical strategic decisions, our Strategy & Operations team is there by our clients’ side. We support chief executives and their teams in key strategic areas such as growth, operations, cost and company-wide transformations. As part of the KPMG Global Strategy Group, we benefit from an outstanding international network, and offer expert advice to a variety of companies from biotech start-ups to multinational corporations, with a focus on life sciences and diversified industrials.

Enterprise Applications: Enterprise Applications is all about making sure that businesses get the most out of their ERP transformations. We support clients from a range of industries in establishing large-scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes and ensuring a smooth transition to the next generation of digital systems. This includes developing structures and business processes that are defined and assisted by ERP systems like SAP. We are uniquely placed to offer expert advice thanks to our in-depth understanding of both business and IT. 

Finance Strategy & Transformation: KPMG’s Finance Strategy & Transformation team empowers companies to reimagine their financial functions. We implement fresh operating models, promote process excellence and optimal digital deployment, and provide an end-to-end service that guides clients as they transform their finance strategy. We are a multinational, multicultural team made up of the best consulting experts in the field, and we push every team member to grow their skills and reach their full potential in close collaboration with global clients.

Risk Management Financial Services: Our Risk Management Financial Services team has been offering financial service providers in Switzerland and abroad support and advice for many years. We work with clients on a variety of advisory and assurance topics, focusing on risk, capital and asset/liability management and regulatory compliance. Not only do we help businesses measure, monitor and manage their financial and non-financial risks, we also offer them insight into these areas and give them the tools to make informed decisions.

Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance: It’s no secret that compliance can be complicated – even for the most experienced financial service providers. Compliance isn’t just about conforming to regulations; it’s about embedding them in the corporate culture. Our Financial Services Regulatory & Compliance experts are there to make sure this happens. We establish structures that prevent possible infringements before they ever occur, and if they do, we ensure that they are handled professionally. Our team is made up of a diverse mix of lawyers, economists and auditors with specialized compliance expertise. 

Data & Analytics: Data analytics may seem like just another modern technology buzzword, but its impact for businesses is huge. Our Data & Analytics team assists clients with building business intelligence and predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions based on the latest data processing methodologies, from Big Data to machine learning and AI. We work with businesses across all industries and domains, enabling them to use their data effectively, automate their processes efficiently, and even develop new data-based products and services.

Business and Finance Transformation Financial Services: Our Business and Finance Transformation Financial Services team ensures that companies can continue to operate successfully in an increasingly complex environment. From regulation to digitalization, businesses are facing a host of new challenges every day, and our experts guide them in defining and applying new strategies and transformation projects. We work with companies to adjust their business and operating models and implement growth or cost reduction initiatives as required – equipping them to take on whatever the future holds.

Actuarial and Insurance Risk Consulting: From life insurance to property and casualty insurance, health insurance and re-insurance services – we have the right expertise for any and every insurance client. Our Actuarial and Insurance Risk Consulting team shows insurance companies how to optimize their business models, enabling them to stay competitive and compliant in a complex market. We also offer expert advice on the implementation of enterprise risk management (ERM) systems, new accounting principles, reserving processes and solvency regulations, in addition to assisting with the work of the KPMG audit team.

Cyber Security: Digital security has become a top priority for businesses in every sector. Our Cyber Security  team offers a comprehensive range of data protection services, enabling clients to identify and mitigate their data security risks. We work with KPMG’s technology experts to improve companies’ resilience to cyber-attacks and carry out risk assessments and impact analyses. We are at the cutting edge of contemporary digital developments, building the defenses required to withstand the ever-changing tactics of modern-day hackers.

Forensic: Our white-collar crime experts deal with all aspects of misconduct within organizations, from fraud to regulation infringements. Clients turn to us for support in preventing, detecting and handling instances of misconduct. The KPMG Forensic team aims both to mitigate the risk of misconduct within a company and, should it arise, to ensure that our clients can tackle it effectively. We also minimize the potential damage of such instances, shielding clients from the risks of financial and reputational loss.